They are Priva. They make products and provide services for process management and climate control in utilities, horticulture and industry. An international family business with its roots in Westland clay. Fertile soil apparently, because they have become a global company. A company with branches and training centers on all continents, from China to Canada and from Mexico to Scandinavia. And with their dealer and partner network they are represented in more than 100 countries. This way they are close to their customers, in the same time zone: They know the way and speak the language. And that of course works so easy!

Their headquarters are the Priva Campus in De Lier (the Netherlands). Here They invent and produce innovative solutions for sustainable climate control and process management in horticulture and in the built environment. With an R & D department of up to 120 super-smart colleagues, They are continuously working on improving existing products and devising new ideas for their customers.

Products and services

Priva is where people live and work and where food and flowers are grown. Their products and services are used in all kinds of sectors such as greenhouses, offices, public buildings, urban agriculture, growth cells, retail, hotels, healthcare, museums and horticulture in the open ground. They develop specific solutions for these sectors, which can easily be scaled up to other customers and adjacent sectors. Their solutions help their customers to do more profitable business with lower use of scarce natural resources such as energy and water. They call this a climate for growth.

In horticulture They help entrepreneurs with ambition take a step further in their development. Whether that is a grower in Mexico with a plastic multispan greenhouse, a Chinese brother with a simple but effective solar greenhouse or a horticultural entrepreneur with a high-tech closed-greenhouse system in the Netherlands, Priva always has the right solution for everyone’s ambition.

At every step They take with their customers, the starting point is: more return per m2 with less use of energy and maximum reuse of water. Both for the cultivation of ornamental plants (flowers, pot plants) and for the cultivation of healthy, high-quality food. Priva provides solutions for this that contribute to the optimization of indoor climate, water reuse, energy saving and labor registration. And They do that with products such as process computers,

In the built environment, their systems provide a pleasant working environment in which people (and animals) perform better. Sick leave, labor productivity up, less energy use and a lower CO2 footprint. Should They explain why many buildings are equipped with Priva building management systems?

Besides, They focus not only on the construction phase of a building, but also on the design and operation phase, the complete ‘building life cycle’. From concept to actual use, in which sustainability, They’ll-being and return are central. On their platform of hardware and software They develop specific solutions for their customers in for example retail, hotels, care, education, museums and offices.

Less use of scarce natural resources, such as water and energy and more yield per m². They believe that They can really contribute to a number of major themes that are high on the political world agenda: water, food, climate, energy. They would like to contribute a bit to a better world by responding to food production and urbanization in the future. Urbanization, soil pollution, energy waste, lack of clean (drinking) water: if They do not do anything about it, They will destroy their own future. And those of their children. If They use their natural resources in a smarter way, there is enough for everyone, without us exhausting Mother Earth. And that is their motive.

They have an important mission to fulfill: to create a climate for growth. Humanity is growing by 200,000 people per day to 9 billion by 2050. By then, around two thirds of the world’s population lives in cities – mostly in urban deltas. Among them will be a large middle class, who wants a healthy environment and access to safe and healthy food.

Increased efficiency

With their unique combination of hardware, software and services, They are perfectly able to respond to this development. Less consumption of scarce natural resources (water, energy) and a higher yield per m². They believe that in this way They can make a real contribution to some of the major themes that are currently high on the global political agenda: water, food, climate, energy.

“If They use their natural resources in a smarter way, there is enough for everyone, without depleting mother earth.”

In the Nuevo Leon desert in the Northeast of Mexico you will find Agroparque Galeana. Here, together with Priva dealer Metalizer, a cooperative is set up for and by poor Mexican families. With a little government support, more than fifty families can have 2500 m2 of plastic multispan greenhouse per family. By jointly investing in automation, irrigation, logistics and management, the return of these companies has increased tenfold within one year!

Priva is everywhere

Priva is really everywhere. Not only their international offices and their close-knit partner network, but also their products and services can be found all over the world. In the built environment you will encounter their building management systems in museums, ministries, schools, shopping centers, offices, zoos and hospitals. Wherever high demands are placed on the indoor climate, their Priva Blue ID platform offers a ‘speed and ease’ solution. Priva Blue ID is already a household name in the world of buildings due to the simple operation and quick commissioning.

In the horticultural sector too, high demands are of their placed on the indoor climate. One degree of temperature difference or a small change in air humidity can have major consequences for the quality and quantity of products that are harvested. That is why the indoor climate in a greenhouse is listening extra closely. Priva can also fulfill many needs in the open ground. For soft fruits, for example, the Priva solutions lead to 10% more labor efficiency, 20% more quality and production and 30% more efficiency in the field of water and fertilizer. And that is great, because that is how Priva process computers can win a lot for a horticultural entrepreneur!

And where horticulture and the built environment meet, you can also find us. Urban agriculture, sustainable deltas, urban farming, with their revolutionary Priva Blue ID platform, They can make the most complex situations easy to manage. They are therefore involved in many initiatives in this area.



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