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San Marco’s CONTINUO; decorative coating for floors and walls

CONTINUO is a composite system that creates surfaces with no gaps or interruptions, with a perfect connection between walls and floor for a unique decorative solution that wraps any space: kitchens and living rooms, bathrooms till the interiors of the shower stall, but also to commercial premises including the customization of furniture surfaces to infuse a strong character to the whole room.

CONTINUO with its extraordinary combinations translates the contemporary mood into rich suggestions and atmospheres: choose among 47 colors offered in 6 collections of shades and combinations.

Create your ideas without interruptions!

The wall or the floor appears as in nite continuous surfaces to become authentic elements of architecture.

100% customizable:

  • In colors and finishes.
  • Extremely smooth and compact appearance, similar to polished cement or to smooth stone; original and contemporary aesthetics.
  • Wide range of colors also customizable with the tinting system.
  • 3 available nishes: gloss, satin or matt for a natural effect.
Laying continuo is versatile

CONTINUO is the ideal solution for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as plasterboard walls or masonry, ceramic surfaces, porcelain tiles, mosaic, natural and reconstructed stone and existing coatings of epoxy or polyurethane nature.

  • Perfect also on surfaces with radiant floor heating systems
  • Exclusive expression of a personal and refined style

CONTINUO is the solution that meets the most sophisticated aesthetic and functional requirements, endless combinations through the choice of color combination and the desired finish.

  • The coating is already in paste ready to be colored and prepared before laying.
  • Fast application and highly professional (not to do-it-yourself).
  • Direct application on tiles, even without milling, wall, plasterboard and concrete.
  • The entire system is formaldehyde FREE and with low COV emissions.

Continuo creates personalized environments

The decorative effect wraps around the floor and walls like a hug to create a unique space with a strong and distinctive style and design.

Total creativity!

CONTINUO is highly customizable, in colors and finishing. It gives the surface a perfect natural & texturized effect both in modern environments and for those classics. You can customize CONTINUO choosing shades with varying degrees of glossy, to make it exactly as you want.

Contemporary lifestyle

CONTINUO broadens the design horizons as it is suitable for modern homes and business environments

Thin and light

CONTINUO is ideal for coating new buildings with a minimalist and contemporary look, but also for the renovation of existing surfaces, whether they are damaged or simply out of fashion. In just 3 millimeters of thickness and 3 kg/sqm CONTINUO allows to renew existing surfaces with no need of removing previous finishing. It creates a strong coating resistant to impacts, abrasions and compression.

The advantages

Horizontal and vertical surfaces do not accumulate dirt for a quick cleaning, easy and fast, waterproof and stain-resistant.

Low Price: not having to demolish the old floors and dispose of the waste materials, applying CONTINUO is practical with low labor costs.

It doesn’t weigh down the crawl space, only 3 kg/sqm

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