Zimbabwe to invest US $1.6m in housing project

Zimbabwe to invest US $1.6m in housing project

Zimbabwe is set to invest US $1.6m in completion of housing projects under the Beitbridge Redevelopment Program (BRP).

The BRP, was initiated in 2006 by the National Economic Development Priority Program (NEDPP), with an aim of constructing affordable house to ease accommodation shortages for its workers deployed to Beitbridge Border Post. The program will be implemented by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.

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Modern medium city

Mr. Edmore Tlou, the project manager confirmed the reports and said the housing will be leased at affordable rates to accommodate low income earners. He explained that Construction works will be rolled out in three phases.

Phase one of the project which already commenced in July after receiving US $1.6m from the National Treasury, involves plumbing, road-works, tiling, carpentry works, electrical connections, water connections and related fittings. Phase two includes clearing the area where the construction of the garden and duplex flats will be. This will include 64 households in the 16 duplex flats.

The Project Manager hopes the funding from the government will complete the last phase of the redeveloping program. “We are working on the proposal budget for phase three to be submitted to the central government. We expect to begin construction at beginning of next year.”

The program also aims at transforming the port into a modern medium city. The port has an estimated population of 70,000 people and a transit of 13,000 people who pass through the town on a daily basis.

Facilities such as a new hospital, a five star hotel, an aerodrome, secondary school, civic center, Government composite office block, primary school, modern truck inn, shopping complex would be put up together with road dualisation, upgrading water supply and sewer infrastructure in the town and upgrading the boarder to meet world class standards.



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