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Inmaa Group of Companies

Inmaa Group of Companies headquartered in Djibouti – East Africa is one of the well known companies with diversified businesses. The group has different business portfolios such as Real Estate, Construction, Ready Mix, Aluminium, Carpentry, Detergent, Fabrication, Fiber Glass, Nails, PVC Pipes, Tissue, Mineral Water, and Marines & Boats.

Inmaa Group has constructed several projects in Djibouti which include many buildings for commercial and government projects, projects for private and public sector clients. The group specialized in infrastructure development and large scale projects.  The group is one of the largest construction and mining organizations in Djibouti.

The Group has proven track record of delivering large and challenging projects on time and within budget. Ranked by several magazines as one of the Middle East’s and Africa’s Most Admired Companies, the group is known throughout the industry as an organization build on honesty and integrity.

Inmaa Group of CompaniesOur Business Verticals
  • Building & Construction
  • Ready Mix
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Aluminium
  • Carpentry
  • Detergent
  • Fabrication
  • Facial Tissues
  • Fiber Glass
  • Nails
  • PVC Pipes
  • Mineral Water
  • Marine & Boats
Inmaa Construction

One of the well known construction company in Djibouti, we have made significant contribution to the construction industry in Djibouti. We have successfully worked for Djibouti Airport, City Hodane, Commercial City Centre and various other projects in Djibouti.

Inmaa Real Estate

Inmaa Real Estate is the real estate vertical of Inmaa Group. We have built several projects in prestigious location – Haramous. Magnificent & spacious villas and apartments are built by the company and there are several other projects which are under planning and construction stage. We are one of the well-known real estate companies in Djibouti – East Africa with Villas & Land available for sale. We also have Villas & Apartments available for rent.

Our homes are located at Haramous one of the most prestigious location in Djibouti. Our villas and apartments are uniquely designed with traditional, modern and contemporary architecture with the creation of diverse streets. The community is well guarded with all round security and excellent maintenance service by the Group

Inmaa Ready mix concrete

We are one of the leading suppliers of quality ready mixed concrete having already supplied more than 1 million cubic meters of concrete across Djibouti and African countries. Equipped with centralized workshop to minimize breakdowns and enhance service levels, we are well equipped with quality control lab in accordance with BS and ASTM. We have our own quarry to ensure smooth supply of quality aggregates with a fleet of trailer trucks and equipment.

Inmaa Aluminium

Established in 2007 we have all the modern and adequate fabrication machinery. Steadily grown in terms of integrity, production capacity, product range and quality of workmanship, we are a well established and recognized fabricator of all architectural aluminium products in Djibouti and all over Africa and Middle East.

Inmaa Carpentry

Inmaa Furniture & wood works opens the door to quality and elegance with its range of doors, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, office and residential furniture. It has developed in a full-fledged interior decorating unit undertaking jobs on turnkey basis. We produce some of the finest wooden furniture which today adorns the palace of Sheikhs’ luxury villa, hotels and showrooms in the Djibouti and other African and Middle East countries.

Inmaa Group of CompaniesInmaa Dertergent

Inmaa Detergent is one of the business verticals of Inmaa Group of Companies. We manufacture and supply Primo Liquid Dishwash, Primo glass cleaner, Bleach products and Antiseptic products.

Inmaa Fiber Glass

We at Inmaa Fiber Glass manufacture virtually any piece of fiberglass using a wide range of composites and resins (epoxies, polyesters, venal esters) together with fabric, Kevlar, carbon and a complete array of applications which include vacuum, pressing, spring, rolling and lot more. GRP division is involved in providing complete solution to your requirements with an expertise of well experienced and committed professionals and a commitment to supply quality products at optimum prices.

The quality control department handles all quality related matters. The materials are tested for quality and ensure they are as per the specifications, thickness and other properties. The raw materials storage is inspected and make sure they are protected and handled properly.

Inmaa Nails

Inmaa Nail factory stands for high quality and safe products for all your needs. This is the result of more than 5 years of experience in the nail industry. As a manufacturer we develop and produce almost our entire range of products ourselves –market driven according to the latest technical expertise. We offer our customers fully developed products that are the product of our competitive know-how.

Inmaa Group of CompaniesInmaa PVC Pipes Factory

Inmaa PVC pipe and fitting provide a versatile, cost-effective alternative for many plastic piping applications, particularly where visual monitoring of the process is important. Our PVC is corrosive resistant, has smooth interior walls, non-contaminating; fast, reliable solvent welded connection; good pressure-bearing capability/and ease of handling and installation.

Our PVC pipe and fittings provide several advantages over traditional materials in many applications. It is routinely used as dual-containment piping for high purity piping runs where quick identification of primary tubing and visual leak detection is critical. From semiconductor clean rooms to aggressive chemical processing applications, our clear PVC pipe and fitting provide durable lead-free containment piping with optimum visibility.

Inmaa Tissue Factory

Inmaa Tissue paper factory is one of the most successful tissue factories in the region producing huge amount of tissue paper in wide range of products. The tissue paper factory is Djibouti’s premier tissue paper factory.

We produce facial tissues with Inmaa and Nada brand names.

Tadjourah Mineral Water Factory

Tadjourah water factory is well-equipped with state-of-the-art production lines, equipped with latest range of machineries and facilities such as modern training center, workers facilities and modern management information systems and laboratory.

Presently our product Tadjourah Pure Mineral Water is bottled and is marked under the brand name Tadjourah. Tadjourah is bottled, after going through various stages of scientifically established purification process and is diverted to our line of automatic packing line – adopting stringent quality assurance measures in various stages of production that meets the international quality standards.



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