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Bia Renewables introduces a new solar panel; the Solar Tree

Bia Renewables is constantly adding applications with solar power. The company is providing solar power from small to large applications. It has a second Patent Pending; this Patent is with regard to a 45 foot long pole that has 72 solar panels on the pole. They are calling it a “Solar Tree” which can produce over 20,000 watts of power!

The company is looking for a company or individual that would like to be the first to enjoy the benefits of this Solar Tree. It produces this power in a small footprint on the ground, approximately 25 foot diameter area. All the power runs down the trunk of the Solar Tree, thus very inexpensive in the amount of wire required. This solar power takes into the account of sunshine on a 3D basis, with minimal shading.


The Solar Tree can be used to power large applications. Only two of these Solar Trees are needed for a Solar Powered Water Filtration System with UV Disinfecting System. Bia Renewables is working with Well Works that make a trailer that can produce over 4500 gallons of water with 5 tons of ICE. The firm can also make a custom Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System that fits inside a 20 foot shipping container that produces only filtered water and runs off One Solar Tree.

The second innovation is a composite pole that can be built in sections. They have a 22 pound 5 foot composite pole at 10″ Diameter that can be stacked with multiple units. These 5 foot composite pole can have two Solar Silos that would produce up to 220 watts of solar power. This modular design means they can ship these UPS, transport them by car or truck, without the need for any truck. They can take 5 five sections and create a 25 foot long pole that can be assembled in a couple hours. The great part is the company can provide up to 880 watts of power on this 25 foot long pole, with 4 feet of it buried directly into the ground! Solar powered security systems can become cheap, quick to install, and can be installed remotely.

Bia Renewables has all the security equipment possible too since they have partnered with 20 Different Security Manufactures. The firm can provide a “Turn KEY” solar powered security system complete with solar, battery, MPPT Charge Controller, Camera, Wireless Communication, and Software to make it complete.

Besides, the company partnered with the World leader in LED lighting for security and safety manufacturers that provide a range of LED illuminators to create a safer global environment whether used in combination with surveillance cameras or as general area lighting. This is to ensure the safety of any area at night and improve the performance on any CCTV system under darkness.

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