South Africa launches Conradie Better Living Model development

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South Africa has officially launched the Conradie Better Living Model Game Changer development which will see more than 3000 homes constructed with revolutionary new housing model.

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony, Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille said the development marks a significant milestone in the provincial government’s efforts to redress the legacy of apartheid spatial planning, and to deliver well-located, affordable integrated housing opportunities for citizens living in the province.

“As we break ground, with our partners the City of Cape Town and Concor Construction, we celebrate the realization of the enormous effort and hard work of a dedicated project team over the past three years. It has not been an easy road to get to this point, but the results will be worth it – the pioneering development of an affordable, mixed-use, residentially-led development close to the Cape Town CBD,” said Helen Zille.

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Conradie Better Living Model development

Conradie Better Living Model Game Changer development will sit on a 22-ha plot of land which once housed the Conradie Hospital. Construction is estimated to cost over US $42m with 3602 residential units built.

The provincial government, the City of Cape Town and Murray & Roberts descendant, Concor Construction plan to start work on first face of housing in the course of this year. The development will include commercial space, parks and recreational spaces, as well as two new schools.

The project will also catalyze upgrades to road infrastructure and public transport in the surrounding area and create over 4300 jobs during the operational phase and over 9300 jobs during construction.

Country’s housing backlog

This project is set to address the country’s housing backlog of more than 600 000 families who live in the city and are low income earners. In completion the houses will be available to people earning less than US $1000 a month.

“We have a housing backlog of more than 600 000 families, who are waiting for houses Of these 3602 residential sites, 1764 will be subsidised, affordable units. The remaining open market units will help to cross-subsidise the affordable units we have a responsibility as a provincial government to make sure we use every space that is suitable for human settlements to deal with this backlog,” said Helen.



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