Construction of US $1bn Tsumeb Smart City in Namibia to commence

Construction of US $1bn Tsumeb Smart City in Namibia to commence

Construction of the US $1bn Tsumeb Smart City in Namibia is set to commence in April. This is according to the mayor of the copper town Mathew Hangula.

According to the Mayor, the billion-dollar mega Smart-City investment, will be a significant investment complementing the mining and agricultural sectors, which are Tsumeb’s economic backbone.

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Tsumeb Smart City project

The Tsumeb Smart City project will include a medical university that will provide an international standard education for approximately 25 000 students, providing them and all the staff with accommodation, complemented with a modern 800-bed hospital.

The Smart-City will also have six hotels, office parks, residential apartments, entertainment and recreational facilities. This will tremendously boost the town’s economy and provide employment to thousands of people from within and outside the town and the Oshikoto Region.

MKP South Africa, a multinational company with a broad business portfolio in construction, banking, tourism and healthcare, will be undertaking the project. Additionally, Hangula said they have attracted another retail investor who is set to construct and open a supermarket, and expected to create more short and long-term jobs for the locals.

“Choppies store will be opening a branch in Tsumeb, and they will start with the construction as soon as we get ministerial approval. Council already approved and passed the resolution,” said Hangula.



  1. We want to take part as subcontractors and get away with Chinese they exploiting us.

  2. Is there any development happening yet with this project? Who are the contractors and sub-contractors of the project?

  3. It seems too good to be true, To teach 25000 students you need at least 500 Teachers, 400 Cleaners 400 Support Personnel, Security, drivers etc Which means an influx of 30000 residents to Tsumeb. Where are they coming from? How will they be supported, Tsumeb currently has a Population of about 15000. Its March and there is not a breeze of preparation ongoing.

  4. We very happy to have investor from neighbouring countries like south Africa.we tired of Chinese investor with cheap Labour systems.

  5. I don’t get what the “smart” partis going to be? Is it Smart people, Smart sciences or is it Smart as in connected, renewable, sustainable??


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