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The Emmedue Advanced Building System in Africa

Modular Building Systems are becoming increasingly common in an era where rapidly rising construction costs and labor shortages make it difficult for developers to see projects through to completion.

In the African market especially, modular construction is increasingly used to save money and time, and although it may seem like a relatively new concept, modular systems of construction have been around for decades. Italian company Emmedue has been advancing modular construction techniques since 1981.

The purpose of Emmedue has always been to simplify the building process by providing all players in the supply chain with operational tools that are quick to activate and easy to govern. The mean to this purpose is the Emmedue Advanced Building System: an undoubtedly effective and efficient solution for the construction sector. In fact, the lightness of the Emmedue EPS panels makes them extremely easy to handle, assemble and use.

On the other hand, Emmedue cares also about the final user and the primary need in people for a safe place to live; in fact, with the Emmedue Advanced Building System it is possible to realize cyclonic, fire and earthquake- resistant buildings.

The Emmedue Panel is industrially produced, and it is then assembled and completed directly on site with two layers of concrete. This brings us to one of the main characteristics of the Emmedue Advanced Building System: its modularity, which affords absolute design flexibility and high degrees of integration with other building systems.

Likewise, the simplicity of the assembly, the extreme lightness and manageability of the panels allow the realization of high-quality buildings — even in adverse working conditions, earthquake-prone areas and climate extremes — at a very economical price due to the efficiency achieved in the construction of the works, the movement and assembly of the panels. Finally, compared to other building systems, Emmedue guarantees time saving, cost reductions and CO₂ reductions.

Due to the lightness, versatility, modularity, resistance and ease of use of the Emmedue panels, Emmedue allows to standardize the building process. Standardization brings efficiency and optimization of resources and benefit maximization of economies of scale. This also simplifies building processes by significantly reducing uncertain factors, thus allowing an efficient control of the operating procedures and ensuring a high quality of the finished product.

Moreover, it should be highlighted that several projects have already been realized in Africa with the Emmedue Advanced Building System. The first plant was installed in 1998 and since then the Emmedue System has been spreading throughout Africa. As of today, there are 12 production plants distributed among Angola, Cape Verde, Egypt, Eritrea, Kenya, Libya, Nigeria, Réunion and Sudan, as evidence that the Emmedue technology is highly appreciated in the African continent. This is an outstanding demonstration of the great intuition and foresight of African entrepreneurs, who are giving concrete answers to the needs of their country and bringing real benefits to the local economy.

In fact, the housing emergency throughout the African continent is a real problem and in this direction, the Emmedue Building System can be the concrete answer as it allows to build thousands of housing units in much less time than traditional systems, without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.



  1. Hello this is Tesfahun General Manager and owner of TESFACON ,from ETHIOPIA,i wanna to adopt this advanced building system, do provide trainings on how its technology is applied if so how can i get it thanks


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