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ConstruSteel Steel fabrication software

The MRP software system of ConstruSteel is the world’s most complete MRP system for steel fabrication companies. It provides all the necessary tools and information to completely manage clients production related resources.

Because of the strong focus of ConstruSteel in optimizing MRP for steel fabrication companies, they have developed technical and easy to use solutions for job preparation, purchasing, bar and plate nesting, CAD/CAM, CNC machines, production control, logistics, stock control and traceability.

Manage materials and production progress

The link between engineering, production and fabrication has always been crucial. In order to ensure a flawless process without cost and time consuming interruptions a client needs a system to help in managing processes from order and through to delivery. ConstruSteel MRP solutions helps to manage the ongoing projects and define the capabilities of production department in order for clients to manage materials and work in progress and forecast and prepare jobs before they are in production.

To be able to forecast problematic items in production and assembling and to take the necessary preventions to avoid them, the ConstruSteel MRP solution is able to define the parameters of production machines. ConstruSteel will provide; for example the possibility to define a list of default solutions for all kind of machine related production problems. Also estimation and read back of production times in order to create an accurate as possible planning are part of the MRP solution of ConstruSteel. Flexible import and export formats, 3D assembly and model information with welding control, bar and plate nesting and stock control are furthermore key points of this technological highly developed solution.

Scalable MRP packages

Depending on the size of the company, you can choose which MRP solution package suits your company best. ConstruSteel offers different solutions packages for small, medium or large steel construction companies, fabricators and service centers. Explore the suitable package or combination of packages for your company.

Demonstration of steel fabrication software

ConstruSteel is an innovative software solution especially developed for steel fabrication and construction companies from practical experience and know how of the steel construction industry and business processes. ConstruSteel specialists have worked in the steel construction industry for many years and know the processes and daily practical challenges. With the ConstruSteel solutions all steel fabrication companies can benefit directly to achieve more efficiency and quality improvements.


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