ADMARES delivers full life cycle services to world’s largest floating villa in UAE

ADMARES delivers full life cycle services to world’s largest floating villa in UAE

ADMARES will provide complete maintenance and system monitoring services to the world’s largest floating villa in the United Arab Emirates. The villa was designed, built and delivered by ADMARES in 2017 for client in UAE. ADMARES’ service agreement combines traditional planned maintenance with novel remote monitoring.

The agreement is a great example of ADMARES’ competence in delivering full life cycle services, covering every aspect from designing, engineering, and manufacturing to providing comprehensive, proactive maintenance throughout the entire life cycle of the building, says Mr. Marcus Pellas, President Service division, ADMARES.

Design-built maintenance

The new agreement provides for both traditional on-site maintenance and intelligent, automated remote monitoring services. Offering valuable information for accurate, knowledge-based care, ADMARES’ Smart Building Services include real-time monitoring of the building systems, as well as indoor conditions, such as air quality.

By taking the building’s whole life-cycle into account during the design and production phases, we can include the technology and sensors needed to ensure our buildings stay healthy, reliable and energy efficient for years to come, says Mr. Pellas.

AI monitoring to improve everyday life

ADMARES’ systems are currently being developed to include automated equipment data analysis for proactive detection of maintenance needs. The solution will use AI to analyse data to detect early signs of wear in components, identify and react to increased energy consumption, and monitor indoor conditions such as air quality to ensure a healthy and safe environment for inhabitants. Features such as real-time occupancy counting provide additional safety for the occupants.

Partnering up with cutting edge IT companies allows us to create a solution that leads to unparalleled living experience in intelligent surroundings. Their skills together with our in-depth knowledge of the buildings, really creates a competitive edge that cannot be matched, Mr. Pellas concludes.


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