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Introducing a global force in waterproofing to South Africa

BMI Coverland forms part of the BMI Group, a Standard Industries company, the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions throughout Europe. As of February 2019 the BMI Icopal brand was officially available to the South African waterproofing community.

BMI Icopal offers a standard 10 year waterproofing warranty on all its product solutions ensuring that they are manufactured ‘Fit for Purpose’. BMI Icopal brings innovations like NOx-Active bitumen waterproofing membrane that absorbs nitrogen oxide (NOx) and thereby depollutes the air we breathe. Furthermore, the ‘Metal – Faced’ bitumen membrane range extends the longevity of the bitumen membrane through the application of an embossed thermo-stable attached metal foil.

The initial BMI Icopal product included Paraplast – a high performance range of Atatic Polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen torch- on membranes.  The bitumen grade used to produce the Paraplast waterproofing range has good U.V resistance, elasticity, flexibility and heat resistance making the range the contractor’s choice.

The Paraplast waterproofing range were introduced at very competitive pricing and stock is available immediately. The rest of the company’s multi-products portfolio will be rolled out over the next year.

They include:
• Synthetic single-ply thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) & polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet waterproofing membranes and accessories. The BMI EverGuard range of TPO fleeced and non-fleeced membranes are designed with durability, robustness & high-endurance properties in mind even in the harshest climates with excellent weld ability and chemical resistance which offer faster and easier installations on most types of large roof tops.

• Single-ply and solvent free liquid applied waterproofing which is based on polyurethane resin technology, BMI Sealoflex liquid waterproofing solutions forms a seamless permanently elastic, vapour permeable membrane that is tear -resistant and durable solution for new and existing commercial areas.

• The innovative Blue Roof Waterproof systems for temporary retention of rain water on roof tops. The technology allows for retention of the rain water during rain fall that can stored and used periodically their after. Particularly useful in areas of rain scarcity environments.

Applications for BMI Icopal waterproofing membranes include but are not limited to exposed flat concrete roofs, roof gardens systems, foundation walls, balconies, tunnels, landfills, dams & pond linings, box gutters, metal roofs, parking decks under asphalt, terraces, lift pits, paved parking areas, patios, insulated roofs, retaining walls, sewage plants, parapet walls, planter boxes

You can now purchase a complete building waterproofing solution from one supplier – BMI Icopal. With 36 production facilities globally manufacturing with state of the art machinery you’re guaranteed of the highest quality products that are fit for purpose.



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