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Phase 1 upgrade of Muloza-Chiringa road in Malawi begins

The government of Malawi has through the Road Authority (RA) announced that upgrade works on 45 kilometer Muloza-Chiringa in Malawi has begun. RA Board Chairperson, Brown Mpinganjira, announced the reports and said that the road will open up the the surrounding communities and the country as a whole.

“For a long time residents in this community have been raising concern on this road and now it is a dream come true because President Peter Mutharika has handed them their wish,” said Mr Mpinganjira.

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Muloza-Chiringa road

The Muloza-Chiringa road project is set to to connect Mulanje and Phalombe through the Muloza drift in Mulanje district. Construction has been divided into phases to motivate the contractor to produce quality work and also instructed hiring of local labourers so that  surrounding the communities can benefit from the project economically.

The first phase of the project has been awarded to M.A Kharafi and Sons with a contract price of US $9m. Mr Mpinganjira reveled that funds for the project have already been sourced and will be released in bits.

Once the road is complete it will enhance economic activities in the area as well as easing transport challenges for the community when seeking access to health care centers and schools. The road is expected to be completed in 2020.

“The road is very critical because this area is rich in agricultural produce which is transported to various districts across the country therefore transportation is very vital for the farmers and business people,” Mr Mpinganjira said.



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