Painted props production: Ferro-Met personalizes your shoring systems

Ferro-Met, a company with over twenty years’ experience in the production of props and other building systems, is constantly engaged in finding effective solutions and experimenting with the most innovative technologies to offer high-quality and high-performance products, in line with the specific needs of the customer.

One of the last managed projects has seen the company engaged in the construction of props painted entirely in blue, distributing the color uniformly and obtaining a system in line with the customer’s requests. This service of customization of shoring products is a source of pride for Ferro-Met, which can thus offer its customers what they are looking for and need, without sacrificing the highest quality.

Find out more about the production and customization service for propping and slab systems offered by Ferro-Met and choose the most suitable color to create your painted props in the range of colors available.

Painted props: discover the Ferro-Met service

The painted and customized props are useful tools on the site and at the same time distinctive and differentiating elements for a company within its reference market. Ferro-Met supports all companies that want to get noticed and remember, communicating their corporate color also through the daily work tools.

To them offers a construction service props painted in different ways, declined in a wide range of colors: from yellowish green (RAL 6018) or light (RAL 6027) to zinc yellow (RAL 1018), from sky blue (RAL 5015) with violet signal (RAL 4008), and again from deep black (RAL 9005) to pure white (RAL 9010), and then walnut brown (RAL 8011), pure orange (RAL 2004), traffic red (RAL 3020).

Ferro-Met allows you to color the entire prop, dyeing them are the sleeve or the ring, or combining two or three colors together to obtain an extremely personalized product. Once you have chosen the option in line with your needs, you must send a quote to the company, requesting customization of the accessories for shoring.



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