Quality metal roof products from Effisus

Quality metal roof products from Effisus

The self-adhesive Effisus Easy repair Membrane is the ideal solution for sealing joints on virtually all types of metal roofs or facades. It creates a waterproof, moisture-proof, and airtight barrier, with no additional sealing required. The active sealing technology adhesive ensures superb adhesion to virtually any type of metal.

Active sealants technology

The Effisus Easy repair Membrane uses an innovative technology with active sealants. This technology uses sealants that don’t have double connections between their carbon atoms, which results in an extremely stable molecular structure, which is resistant to light, ozone, and heat.

Through the use of a special primer, this adhesive “melts” into the surface to which it is applied. This creates an instant bonding to most known materials used in construction. It can be applied in environments with temperatures from -56ºC up to +93ºC.

Solution Benefits

  • Resistant – Waterproof, UV resistant, and flexible up to -56ºC
  • Universal – Compatible with different construction materials
  • Durable – Over 20 years of service life expectancy
  • Flexible – Complies with different installation requirements
  • Easy to install – Easy to install and with no need for accessories

Supply information

Effisus Easyrepair Membranes – Rolls of 15.2m length and a range of 50 to 1000mm width with different colors.

Effisus bond ft tape

Effisus Bond FT Tape is the ideal solution for permanently sealing flashing details on metal roofs of any type, saving time and labor – with a superior performance that will last as long as your roof. Its unique elongation capacity and flexibility guarantees that it can be formed to fit irregular shapes and surfaces, with no need for mechanical fastening, torch, or extra adhesives.

Effisus Bond FT Tape consists of an uncured EPDM membrane that has been laminated to an EPDM-based pressure-sensitive tape adhesive, integrating a proven peel & stick technology. After being cured, the tape is extremely resistant to moisture, UV, temperature changes, and structural movements.

Superior Formability Capacity

  • Excellent formability to fit any shape or surface
  • Proven peel & stick technology
  • No torch or liquid adhesives

Exceptional Performance

  • Resistant to UV and moisture
  • Absorbs movement
  • Durable

Typical Applications

  • General purpose flashing
  • Skylights
  • Square ducts
  • Large round ducts
  • Parapet walls
  • Facades
  • Chimneys

Solution Benefits

  • Universal – Forms itself to fit any irregular shape or surface
  • Resistant – High elongation capacity, handles expansion and structural movements
  • Durable – Resistant to high temperatures, UV, and moisture
  • Flexible – Complies with different project requirements
  • Easy to install – Easy-to-handle materials and common use accessories
Effisus Everyday Seal Tape

Effisus Everyday Seal XTRA is a tear-resistant, UV-resistant, long-lasting, and water-resistant aluminum butyl rubber tape with very high tack and superior ageing resistance. It is used for masking applications and for sealing insulation, pipework, and ducts in HVAC applications.

The tape provides a reliable sealing of metals, wood, and plastics, as well as masonry and clean concrete surfaces.

Effisus Everyday Seal XTRA tape

  • Adhesive tape with a butilic base, and a laminated PET/Alu/PET-composite, UV-resistant coating
  • The adhesive is coated with a silicon-based film for easier application
  • For sealing general flashing details in the construction industry and other uses

Typical Applications

  • Sealing details on air conditioning, heating or ventilation, pipes or ducts
  • Sealing connections between insulation panels
  • General repairs on gutters, downspouts, and others
  • General repairs on metal roofs or facades
  • Industrial applications

Solution Benefits

  • Robust – 100% waterproof, and UV-resistant
  • Universal – Different widths for different needs
  • Durable – High life expectancy and resists temperatures from -30ºC to +80ºC
  • Flexible – Adapts to on-site demands
  • Easy to apply – Simple-to-handle materials and no need for accessories
About Effisus

Effisus provides excellence in weatherproofing solutions for the building envelope construction segment, maximizing building performance and its lifetime. Effisus solutions have a key focus on optimizing to the needs of each project, supported by extensive consulting services. They offer a wide range of solutions and systems for roofs and facades. Production based in the USA and Europe and Sales and Marketing structures in Europe. The main logistics are based in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

The company aims to leverage strong partnerships in order to achieve efficient sustainability from start to finish. The result of such partnerships is the presence of Effisus in different continents, and its participation in globally renowned projects.


  1. Hi There
    I have a castellated roof ( in good condition) but after 15 years it’s begun to leak through the joints. The Effisus tape seems to be the solution I think? Where can I purchase this in the UK?
    Pete (Sheffield UK)


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