Benin to build 40 kWp mini solar power plant

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The government of Benin is set to construct a mini solar power plant that will provide electricity to the residents of the Borgou and Alibori regions in the east of the country. The mini plant project is part of the Government Action Programme and the project contractor is Benin Electric Power Corporation (Sbee).

Estimated to cost US $337,000, the small solar power plant will be constructed in the village of Bouanri. Construction will feature 60 250 Wp solar modules, 12 solar inverters and 72 batteries which will store electricity. The plant will also supply power to 10 streetlights and a drinking water supply with a daily capacity of 20 m3.

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According to the government, the Bouanri solar power plant will be capable to supply electricity to more than 200 household in rural areas. Electricity is to be supplied to families via a 3km low-voltage network.

Like most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Benin’s energy sector is largely dominated by the use of biomass-based energy sources (59.4%) followed by petroleum products (38.4%) and, to a lesser degree, electricity (2.2%).

The country solely depends on imports to satisfy its petroleum product demand, while 85% of its electricity consumption is answered by imports from Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria. Households account for 48% of the country’s total electricity consumption followed by the institutional sector and the industrial sector, which account for 32% and 24% respectively. The state owned company reduced electricity utility subscription rate in rural areas to US $84 from US $301.24 due to their lower living.


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