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In case of emergency – ExiSAFE from ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY East Africa, an industry pioneer in turnkey door opening solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the new, world-class ExiSAFE panic and emergency exit hardware from the renowned UNION brand.

Many different emergency situations can occur in a building that require quick evacuation. “ASSA ABLOY East Africa, fully cognisant of the magnitude of the problem, is committed to providing solutions such as the ExiSAFE which is suited for both public buildings and private facilities,” states Hayley Elwen, ASSA ABLOY Business Development Director: Africa. “Synonymous with safety, reliability and durability, the ExiSAFE panic and emergency exit hardware is designed to provide simple and fast escape whilst securing entrance access.”

Emergency situation

During an emergency situation, there are high risk factors such as smoke inhalation (in the case of a fire), stampedes and falling debris. The ExiSAFE system offers occupants an effortless, fast and safe exit from a building, preventing injury and ultimately saving lives.

”We recognize that the concept of a door opening should be about getting out safely, just as much as it provides security. Our solutions are specially tailored to provide Security, Safety and Convenience, ” says Humphrey Kinyua, the Managing Director for ASSA ABLOY East Africa.

The ExiSAFE array of surface mounted panic and emergency exit solutions includes a Panic Latch and Panic Bolt for single door applications, a Panic Set for rebated double doors as well as, a Push Pad Emergency Latch and Outside Access Devices (OAD).

Manufactured in the UK and backed by a ten-year guarantee, the product is certified for fire doors to deliver best-in-class quality, setting the benchmark in panic and emergency hardware. ExiSAFE adheres to all international fire safety and quality standards including the Certifire independent testing quality mark, fire rating and CE mark for safety, as well as BS EN 179 and BS EN 1125.

Exhaustive testing

Alongside extensive research by architects and specifiers, ExiSAFE has undergone exhaustive testing, successfully completing over 200,000 cycles for timber and metal fire doors. The hardware is rated for 120 and 240 minutes respectively on timber and metal fire-rated doors.

Featuring a stylish silver finish, the rugged ExiSAFE caters to customers’ individual requirements offering flexible installation options and combinations of panic and emergency solutions across a project.

The push bar and bolt rods can be resized on-site to ensure a seamless door match. The push bar features a closed-arm design reducing the risk of finger trapping. Elwen also notes that universal handing ensures easy, hassle-free installation and adds that the ExiSAFE hardware can also be easily retrofitted to existing fire and emergency escape doors.

Antithrust technology in the device does not allow any manipulation from the outside. In addition, sheer screw technology on the Outside Access Device (OAD) lever handle and free swing technology on the OAD knob also prevents manipulation. These enhanced security features ensure peace of mind knowing that no intruders can enter through the emergency escape door without compromising the safety of the building’s occupants.

ExiSAFE panic escape hardware adheres to safety standards and is available in a wide variety of forms for different applications. Raising the bar in safety and security, the comprehensive range of ExiSAFE panic and emergency hardware from UNION delivers unrivalled performance and relentless durability for customer peace of mind.


ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. Since its formation in 1994, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company into an international group with about 47,000 employees, operations in more than 70 countries and sales close to SEK 71 billion.

In the fast-growing electromechanical security segment, the Group has a leading position in areas such as access control, identification technology, entrance automation and hotel security.


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