Optimized room heating with SAUTER ecoHeat Control

Optimized room heating with SAUTER ecoHeat Control

The new control strategy SAUTER ecoHeat Control is the optimal solution for installation in new or retrofit systems for already existing space heaters, consisting of radiators (radiators) with thermostatic valves. Flexible and self-learning, ecoHeat Control offers numerous advantages that facilitate the automation of building heating.

The right temperature at the perfect time

A comfortable temperature inside the building has a positive effect on the well-being and the efficiency of the people. This is particularly interesting for owners of office buildings or schools where productivity and performance are key. The aim is to keep the rooms within the building precisely at the desired temperature during the period of use and to lower the room temperatures outside the period of use in order to save energy.

This is exactly where ecoHeat Control from SAUTER comes in. This is an intelligent control system that adapts the heat generation within buildings exactly to the current needs. The innovative, self-learning system can reduce energy consumption by 15 to 25% compared to conventional systems.

Intelligent save energy

Today, a modern, energy-saving control of the temperature control of buildings is essential. In order to save energy, the heaters are automatically lowered in office or school buildings at night and on weekends. This saves energy that would otherwise be unnecessarily wasted. Outside of the times of use, the heaters switch to a lowered area from which they switch back to normal operation in the morning. Thanks to this intelligent procedure, there are already pleasant room temperatures during working or school hours.

In a building without ecoHeat Control, central heating and room thermostats often work against each other. While the central heating system switches to the lowering mode and the rooms should actually cool down, the room thermostats react in the opposite direction: they increase the flow through the valves of the radiators, with the consequence that the lower setpoint temperature in the lowering mode is not reached. Accordingly, the rooms and rooms are kept too warm at night and on weekends, unnecessarily consuming a lot of energy. This is avoided by using ecoHeat.

The individually suitable climate for every room

In order to maintain a comfortable room temperature, SAUTER offers a suitable solution for retrofitting existing heating systems. ecoHeat Control combines the measurement of temperatures in reference rooms and the optimized heating control efficiently.

In selected rooms wireless temperature sensors are installed. The automation station of the heating control, for example SAUTER modulo 6, processes the temperature measured values. EcoHeat Control automatically calculates the optimum flow temperature and controls the mixing valve and circulation pump based on the measured values ​​as well as the information from the occupancy plan. The setting of a heating curve during commissioning is eliminated.


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