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Sola Group: Vertically integrated renewable energy company

The SOLA Group is a vertically integrated renewable energy company that is based in South Africa and that is growing businesses, connecting communities and helping people and governments in the African continent prosper by advancing the adoption of clean energy.

The group is made up of two exceptional and corresponding businesses which are;

  1. SOLA Assets, which was started in 2008 as Aurora Power Solutions and which was a utility-scale solar project developer that focused on utility-scale solar project development and financing, and
  2. SOLA Build, started in 2013 as SOLA Future Energy. It was an EPC company concentrating on private-sector PV opportunities.

The two companies, as SOLA Group, offers all stages of solar PV implementation from project development and financing through the SOLA Assets division, and design, procurement and construction, to the operations and maintenance of solar PV facilities through the SOLA Build.

From their local and international solar experience of more than 20 years, plus their capabilities in utility-scale solar PV project development, to Commercial and Industrial EPC and PPA solutions, to energy storage and micro grid engineering, SOLA group is able to service a myriad of large-scale energy needs.

The company has developed 313 MW PPA projects, designed and built 37.5 MW C&I Projects, designed and built 1.6 MWh Storage Projects and they are currently operating 33 MW Projects in Africa and beyond.

Real time electricity generation at the client’s fingertips

SOLA uses Meteocontrol as its primary solar PV monitoring platform. Solar production data is captured, stored and interpreted via the Meteocontrol API. This repository of solar data forms the basis of the monthly reports, and the Meteocontrol platform allows for real time monitoring and troubleshooting.

SOLA’s brand promise

By procuring SOLA’s services, clients are buying in to a brand that stands for engineering excellence, guaranteed performance, and long-term partnership. SOLA Clients can rest assured that each solar system design is engineered carefully and thoroughly, with internal checks and balances to ensure a high quality solar PV system design that will guarantee performance over its lifetime. SOLA’s Performance Guarantee provides assurance of financial compensation should a solar PV system under perform.



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