Construction of retention dams in Angola set to begin

Dam construction

Construction of six retention dams, water catchment systems and waterways in Cunene, Angola is set to begin. President Joao Lourenco made the announcement and added that the project is part of the emergency plan to combat the effects of drought.

The project

Divided into six lots, the contract comprises of the construction of the Cunene River catchment system, pumping, pressurized conduit, open channel from Cafu to Cuamato and 10 water wells. The first lot of the project, valued at an estimated cost of US$65.7m, is to be carried out by Sinohydro Angola.

Lot two comprises of the construction of two waterways, one from Cuamato to Dombendola and from Cuamato to Namacunde, and another 20 water wells. Sinohydro Angola will also undertake this lot which is estimated to cost US$70.4m. The third lot includes the construction of a dam in Calucuve; a contract to be performed with the consortium Omatapalo-Engenharia e Construção SA and Mota-Engil Angola SA, at a cost of US $177.3m.

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Lot 4 is expected to involve the construction of a raceway associated with the Calucuve dam, from Mupa to Ondjiva, with the contract to be executed by China Road Bridge Corporation at a value of US $62.9m.

Lot five of the project, whose value is US $192.5m, focuses on the construction of a dam in Ndúe and lastly the sixth lot includes the construction of a water channel associated with the Ndúe Dam, which starts from Ndúe to Embundo, and 15 water wells; a contract to be undertaken by GHCB.


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