Kenya receives US $34m loan for drinking water and sanitation project

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The government of Kenya has received US $34m loan from the World Bank intended to finance drinking water and sanitation projects in small towns in Kenya. Simon Chelugui, the Secretary of Cabinet at the Ministry of Water and Sanitation made the statement and said that the loan is set to finance the Small Towns Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme.

“With the transfer of responsibilities, there are so many small towns developing and it is these areas that we are targeting as part of this project to ensure access to drinking water for our population,” added Simon Chelugui.

Small Towns Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme

Under the program, the Kenyan government is planning to rehabilitate the drinking water supply system in the towns of Bondo, Siaya, Othaya, Mukurwe-ini, Maua, Kitui, Matuuuu and Kithimani.

The program involves construction of at least four groundwater-based systems to supply water from the aquifer. Moreover, eight water intakes on rivers that pass near the cities will be built. The water intakes should be connected to 127km of pipes and will supply nine drinking water plants that will be built to provide at least 73,800 m³/day.

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The small towns will also get nine tanks that will be built with a total storage capacity of 24,510m³. The drinking water distribution network will be extended by 100km, with the installation of 45,000 domestic meters. As for wastewater treatment, eight ponds will be built as well as eight wastewater pumping stations.

In small towns, 100 latrines will be built in schools and some public places. The facilities are expected to improve water supply and access to sanitation in Kenya as the government aims to achieve 70% population water coverage by 2022. According to the government, water coverage has increased by 1.5% in 2019


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