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Kenya to construct affordable housing units in Murang’a county

The county government of Murang’a in the Central Kenya region is set to construct affordable housing units to benefit about 2,000 Murang’a residents from poor backgrounds.

Through a program that is set to run up to 2022, and that is meant to save the less fortunate from effects of adverse weather, the county government intends to set up two-roomed permanent houses at a minimum cost of as low as approximately US$ 1,000 per unit.

Initially, residents will only be required to provide labor and land where stabilized blocks house units will be constructed, but will later be required to adopt a repayment plan drafted by the county government.

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Means of payment

Sarah Masaki, the Murang’a County Lands and Housing county executive said that they shall draft a long term repayment plan where beneficiaries would pay back the cost in installments over a certain number of years.

She was speaking during an exhibition by Fahari homes held at Kenya Agricultural Research Institute in Thika town, where they are showcasing their wares and expertise.

“We will partner with professionals, technical institutions and private entities to bring this plan into fruition,” she affirmed.

She also urged Murang’a residents to embrace the program for it will improve the county’s housing infrastructure in the rural areas and provide them with good shelter at reasonable prices.

Contribution towards the Big 4 agenda

Masaki noted that the initiative would help the national government in achieving the affordable housing program, the fourth on its list of the big four agendas.

This program is meant to address the country’s shortage of housing infrastructure. The national government under the State Department for Housing and Urban Development, therefore, intends to construct at least 500,000 Affordable Housing Units by 2022.


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