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Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH; Measure with the best

For over 80 years, Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH is known for strongest equipment and accessories on the surveying market. The company manufactures high quality reliable equipment and accessories for land, construction and surveying such as tripods, prism poles, GNSS poles, controller holder, measuring wheels, scan spheres, warning pyramids, levels, rotating laser to mention but a few.

NESTLE tripods and accessories are used world-wide in combination with high-grade geodetical instruments because of their quality and reliability. Geomax system sets standards in the field of building and surveying thus it enables optimum solutions for all measuring tasks even without special knowledge. Regular innovations help their customers solving daily surveying tasks. For example, the carbon tripods GEO and JUMBO for surveying instruments which are ideally suited for precision and engineering measurement.

The company name stands for innovation and absolutely top quality; with their experience combined with quality oriented and reliable products they do everything they can to make customers are satisfied! Besides, the company assembled a product package which is unique at the market in its configuration to achieve complete satisfaction. Below are some of their products:

Rangefinder | Accessories

At any construction site, the exact measurement of distances is an essential step that lays the foundation for the future accuracy of fit. Laser distance meters detect by measuring the transit time of a transmitted laser beam the distance to the point of impact of the laser beam. Fast, easy and with high accuracy.

Laser I Receiver I Accessories

Point and line lasers (also called cross-line lasers) are ideal for fast dry and interior work. Rotary lasers allow the rational determination of height and alignment on construction sites even over long distances. For easy slope work, look for tilt models. For all line and rotation lasers you will also find receivers and useful accessories.


As large underground utility networks become more complex, knowledge of the location of buried cables and pipes prior to excavation is now more important than ever. With cable and pipe locators, buried cables and pipes can be easily and efficiently detected to increase the safety of machinery and workers.

Safety products

Signal your job site to safeguard personnel and instruments against accident hazards with our safety products. If road users are informed about the reason for a deployment site by means of texts on warning pyramids, this leads to an increase in attention and thus prevents accidents.

Machine Guidance

Construction machines require special demands on the robustness of laser receivers. In this category you will find laser receivers for rotary lasers which meet these requirements. Furthermore, we offer machine suitable masts for attachment of receivers, prisms or antennas.

Surveying instruments and accessories

For over 80 years, the name GOTTLIEB NESTLE has stood for innovation and absolutely high quality. This is especially true for products in the field of accessories. Trust in quality products for your antenna and prism poles as well as for scanning spheres, as this is the only way to achieve precise results in your measurements.

For surveying and stakeout of angles, distances, lengths, heights, axes and inclinations. Modern construction surveys require modern tools. From the leveling device, for easy height transmission, to satellite-based systems, you will find high-quality devices and demonstrably user-friendly software.

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