AfDB approves US $210m for TCN projects in Nigeria

Nigeria's Transmission projects

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved US $210m for Transmission Company of Nigeria’s (TCN), NTEP -1 projects in a board resolution in Abidjan. The NTEP is one of the projects under TREP (The rural electrification program) financed by AfDB that is targeted at rehabilitating and expanding parts of the transmission grid in the North West, South South and the South East of Nigeria.

The project would reconstruct old transmission lines and build new ones as well as construct new substations, contributing to further increase in TCN’s transmission capacity. TCN General Manager (Public Affairs), Ndidi Mbah, stated that even though the approval has just been given, the company had already concluded environmental studies including the resettlement action plan in which people that would be affected by the acquisition of the Right of Way (RoW) for the proposed transmission lines were identified and the report submitted to AfDB.

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Transmission lines and substations

TCN further noted that the NTEP-1 projects would address some transmission lines and substations requirements in the North West, South South and South East regions of the nation. In the North West, the projects that would be executed include the construction of 212KM Double Circuit 330kV Quad conductor (Kaduna to Kano); installation of 2x150MVA and 2x60MVA transformers and bay extensions in Zara.

It will also involve installation of 2x150MVA and 2x60MVA transformers with associated bay feeders and bay extensions in Kaduna Millennium city; installation of 2x60MVA transformers and outgoing feeders in Rigasa Kaduna; and the installation of 2x60MVA transformers and out-going feeders in jaji, Kaduna. In the South South and Sourh East, NTEP-1 would reconstruct the 107KM double circuit Delta-Benin transmission lines into a 330kV quad line; reconstruct the 138KM Alaoji- Ihiala – Onitsha Single Circuit line into 330kV Double Circuit Quad line.

TCN also noted that NTEP-2 which would execute projects mainly in the North East and parts of the central states of the nation is also in the pipeline and has reached an advanced stage on the funding processing.


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