Construction of Modern Abattoir in Tanzania nears completion


Construction of modern abattoir in Pangani Ward, Kibaha Town Council in Tanzania which aims at increasing the council’s revenue, is almost complete. District Executive Director Jennifer Omolo told Acting Chairman of the Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT), Stephen Mhapa who was accompanied by ALAT General-Secretary Elirehema Kaaya during a one-day tour to inspect government projects that apart from increasing revenue, the abattoir would provide residents with quality and safe meat, among other benefits.

Ms Omolo noted that the project was launched in April this year and was divided into two phases of which phase one was almost completed. “Completion of this abattoir, which has the capacity of slaughtering 100 cattle per day, will help business people from different regions passing here to Dar es Salaam to get services, to be served right here which will make them save time and money,” she noted.

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Processing facilities

The council will also work on establishing processing facilities which will add value to by-products, including hides, horns, blood and hooves. Council engineer, Brighton Kisheo pointed out that the project, which is under Contractor M/S Petra Construction Co Ltd, had reached 80% and the work included a slaughterhouse, an incinerator and an offloading platform. He added that the slaughter house had been completed. He explained that a hides’ shed and stork yard were among the features which would be set up in phase two.

For his part, Mr Mhapa congratulated the council on the project, saying it would not only benefit the council, but also would play part in improving people’s lives in many ways since it would generate other businesses and create more economic opportunities and supply them with quality meat which was vital for their health.


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