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Hydrodex: Global water filtration products manufacturer

Hydrodex is a US based ISO 9001:2015 certified global water filtration products manufacturer. Different line of products are designed by certified water treatment professionals and manufactured by trained and skilled engineers and technicians under the supervision of the Hydrodex R&D, Quality Control Departments and certified water treatment specialists.

Hydrodex only utilizes the industry’s top-rated materials for a future-proof and durable product. The company precisely engineers and manufactures Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer ‘FRP’ cartridge filter housings with design, delivery and cost features that provide considerable value across applications and industries around the world.

Hydrodex main products are industrial water filters including FRP cartridge filters, filter cartridges (Melt-blown a.k.a Spun PP, String Wound and Pleated cartridges), media filters including and not limited to Ion Exchange, Granular Activated Carbon, Multimedia and Sand filters.

Of the key features that make Hydrodex stands out among their competitors is their team of professionals starting from technical sales representatives, R&D department and after-sales support.

The company employs extensive Quality Control testing which includes thorough checks for all incoming raw materials and finished products against strict written standards. Every single part they manufacture is made with ultimate precision and out of the best materials.


Products made by Hydrodex meet all the corresponding and renowned international quality codes and standards. Features of their FRP cartridge filter also include their modular design which provides cost-effective maintenance and extends the productive life of the product, industry leading delivery times and prompt customer service, designed to ASME Code Section X standards, all wetted materials meet the FDA CFR Title 21 and NSF 61 requirements and standards.

The benefits of using thei FRP cartridge filters in your water treatment application is that every Hydrodex filter can be customized for a specific application – including custom flanges, connectors, internal components and other features, optimal flow dynamics minimize energy costs during operation, improve filtration effectiveness and shorten the downtime during change outs, Can last several times longer than comparable stainless steel and rubber lined filter vessels, especially in corrosive internal or external environments and the significant weight and shipping cost savings over metallic vessels.

We recommend Hydrodex for water treatment applications which require FRP cartridge filters and filter cartridges, it is by far the best and most reliable industrial filtration manufacturer.


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