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Zinia market in Rwanda set to undergo US $317,461 facelift

Zinia Market located in Kicukiro Sector of Kicukiro District in Rwanda is set for an upgrade in a bid to improve its hygiene and the quality of facilities. Poor hygiene and dilapidated facilities are among the problems that the Member of Parliament identified at the market during his tour that sought to assess the state of infrastructure in the City of Kigali.

US $317,461 market upgrade

The City Vice Mayor in Charge of Urbanisation and Infrastructure, Ernest Nsabimana, revealed that a company called Kicukiro Investment Group has expressed interest in upgrading the market at an estimated cost of US$317,461.

After the presentation of their assessment findings to the City of Kigali, Edda Mukabagwiza, Vice President in charge of Legislative Affairs and Government Oversight at the Chamber of Deputies noted that it was encouraging to hear that the City has the plan to upgrade the market.

Nsabimana said that the market serves many people, especially for foodstuffs. It caters for people from Gahanga and Gatenga sectors as well as the neighbouring Bugesera District.

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Improved infrastructure

She equally pointed out that during the upgrade, inclusion of market vendors in the project was one of the main aspects to consider. Nadine Umutoni Gatsinzi, City Vice Mayor in Charge of Socio-Economic Affairs explained that they were going to review the business cases submitted and that they will assess and respond to each applicant, explaining that they are also going to look at how the investors will get their money back.

“The investors from Kicukiro District wants to develop that market, and include the people already doing business there. They will not be evicted from the market, but rather, will be provided with a decent workplace which consists of good stands, commodity storage facilities, as well as proper hygiene,” she observed.

Though the fee charged for operating in the market might increase as a result of the upgrade. Nsabimana said the traders should be part of the progress, pointing out that the fee increment would be informed by the infrastructure provided which includes water, electricity and hygiene.


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