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Ecocycle Ltd is A Leading reputable Engineering firm in East Africa installing onsite waste water treatment and recycling plants and consultancy services in the Environment sector. It was established in 2014, and is headquartered in Nairobi, Kilimani along Kindaruma Road.

The company’s background and experience is around Engineering design services, outsourcing of waste water treatment from Reinhardt GmbH of Eutin,German. For the last 26 years Reinhardt manufactures and maintains innovative, fully biological sewage treatment systems and is certified by the DWA (Deutsch VereinigungfürWasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall).

The company’s solution is easy to install and maintain and runs on minimal power consumption e.g a system serving a family of 10 runs on an air compressor rated at 80Watts, which runs for only ten hours in a day.The system can as well run on SOLAR power supply. The Onsite SEWAGe to clean Water recycling machines; transform the SEWAGE back to clean, safe, odorless water reusable for non-potable uses like lawn irrigation, toilet flushing, dust suppression, open space cleaning.

Ecocycle Ltd offers excellent after sales support and maintenance with a minimum of two scheduled service visits per annum and response to an emergency calls. An Annual Maintenance contract for a system serving a home of up to 10 users would go at a range of Kshs. 18K-27K p.a VAT Incl. within Nairobi and its environs.

Advantages of products

The advantages of their products are that they are a more sustainable solution better than septic tanks as the water is clear and odorless, and provides an alternative supply of water for secondary use. It helps cut fresh water intake bills by 40%. This is in accordance with aligning to SDG 6 i.e. Clean water and sanitation.Recycled water also supports the creation of green spaces which is one of the actions towards adopting to climate change.

Since its establishment, Ecocycle Ltd has seen remarkable achievements, having successfully installed and commissioned over 150 projects within Kenya and larger eastern Africa. Their achievements has won them a number of awards including the 2XImpact Award for working to address climate change and promote environmental conservation and a green-economy, as well as DIAR Awards 2019 where they were nominated as Top Green Company in Kenya

The company’s success can be accredited to their high level of integrity, heavy investment in training of personnel, high level of expertise and competence, as well as excellent unparalleled Customer service and delight. They have in-house German trained project engineers who offer perfectly well installed, trouble free recycling systems that will run with Zero failures and Zero wastage.High end homes have embraced their clean recycled water from sewage back into flushing their cisterns.

Their Brand Klaermax waste Water treatment plant is a fully biological sewage treatment system which is based on the SBR (Sequenced Batch Reactor) mode of operation. It treats and transforms sewage back to clean water efficiently and effectively, requires minimal Human intervention as it is automated with the treatment process being controlled by a Programmable Logic Control (PLC). The system operation is silent, odorless and can be installed in tightly squeezed spaces even as close to the house as possible without causing any discomfort.

They are “easy-to-Install” equipment for private dwellings, hotels, restaurants, sports clubs, industrial dwellings and small communities not connected to a public sewage system. These are robust, reliable and effective sewage treatment equipment manufactured and assembled in Germany and continuously exceeds European treatment standards as well as Local set NEMA & WARMA standards.

Ecocycle ltd also applies professional project management to their projects to ensure clients achieve their desired results. Their project management experienced team breaksdown project tasks optimally, engages stakeholders, and ensures that clients’ initiatives are completed within budget, scope, and schedule. They execute projects from initiation through completion or get projects back on track when they are missing milestones, have unmitigated risks, and are lacking momentum and alignment.



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