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Construction of Al Thumama stadium in Qatar nears completion

The Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), responsible for managing the projects required for Qatar 2022 World Cup, has announced that the Al Thumama stadium will be fully finished and on the list of stadiums to be inaugurated in the very near future. The stadium is expected to host matches in the World Cup from the quarter-final stage and will hold up to 40,000 fans.

Work done so far

Notably, the installation of the roof of the stadium has recently been finished, while the works on the upper section of the ground are about to be finalised, meaning the harmony between the aesthetic structure of the stadium and the exterior design of the venue can now be appreciated.

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The Al Thumama stadium

The Al Thumama stadium is located in the centre of Doha, close to the most vibrant and important zones in Qatar. The venue is also connected with the Aspetar sports and orthopaedic hospital, which will offer its services to athletes of all kinds before and after the World Cup 2022.

The stadium was designed to embody the style of a “gahfiya”, which is a traditional headdress worn by men in Arab countries, particularly in the Gulf region. The gahfiya forms an important part of every young boy’s path to adulthood. The arena is a symbol of Qatar’s youth and the shared Arab heritage that inspired its creation.


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