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Top steel manufacturers in the world

Top steel manufacturers in the world

The following are the leading steel manufacturers in the world

Emirates Steel

Established in 1998, in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, Emirates Steel is a leading integrated steel manufacturer in the Middle East region and boasts a production capacity of 3.5 million tonnes per annum (MTPA).

The company manufactures a wide range of products, including heavy sections, reinforcing bars, wire rods, billets and sheet piles. The company’s product range also includes some interesting value-adds, such as stronger steel with higher tensile strengths and steel boasting special mechanical properties that allow customers to use a lesser quantity of the product for their projects. 

Among the company’s unique offerings are a variety of sections, notably heavier sections than those offered by its local competitors. This has given us a significant advantage with our customers in major infrastructure projects, where heavier sections are preferred. As for sheet piles, Tanzania for example, prefers Emirates Steel’s sheet piles for its improved lead-time. Moreover, Emirates Steel is one of a few companies in the world, and the only company in the Middle East that is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to produce nuclear grade steel. Importantly, we bring this exceptionally high level of quality to our entire range of products – including rebar.

Top steel manufacturers in the world

Ethiopia Steel Plc

Ethiopia Steel Plc is a member of Safal Group, the largest steel roofing manufacturer in Africa. It started operations in 1997, producing steel roofing products. The company has expanded into Gonder, Hawassa and Addis Abeba. It has a current capital of US$ 7mn and currently has 130 employees but hopes to add more.

The company operates out of the capital city, Addis Ababa. It supplies roof sheeting in corrugated, mini-corrugated and tile profiles.It also manufactures ridges. Some of the brands that have already been launched in the market are: Versatile, Romantile, Trimflute, Covermax, EGA 300, EGA 500 & 11/3 Corrugated roofing sheets in painted and unpainted, flashings and gutters, bullnosed sheets, and steel door profiles.

El Fateh, is a family-owned industrial group company established in 1985 working in a wide range of heavy and light steel constructions, plate works, cladding systems, commercial vehicles, and machining works in Egypt, and with a strong presence in the African and the European markets.

The company’s services of designing, fabricating, and constructing for more than 1,000 Projects in more than 25 countries in a portfolio that spans across different sectors includes:
  • Steel Structures for power plants, cement industry, petrochemicals, and oil and gas sectors
  • Steel Construction for airports, exhibition halls and convention centers, stadiums, and architectural solutions.
  • Pre-engineered buildings for industrial plants, warehouses, and cold stores.
    Special fabrications and Plate works (tanks, large-diameter pipes, etc.)
  • Cladding Systems and sandwich panels.
  • Caravans.
  • Steel Towers.
  • Commercial Vehicles, etc.
They also have three industrial plants in Egypt:
1- Bani sweif plant for Steel structures, preparing and rolling sheets of tanks, pipes and ducts, with capacity 1,000 Ton per month.
2- Bani sweif plant for Sandwich panels, with capacity 1,300,000 m² per year.
3- 10th of Ramadan plant for Machining, Manufacturing trailers and tippers. Can produce 600 commercial vehicles per year.

The company provides highly qualified steel structures, special fabrications and plate works (design and fabrication according to international codes) under consideration of all export quality requests (ISO and EN1090 certified) for a wide variety of infrastructural and industrial applications. This includes deliveries for the construction industry, the cement industry, the oil and gas/petrochemical industry, power plants including renewable energy, infrastructure, and airports/stadiums including other architectural steel-glass constructions.

Top steel manufacturers in the world


SKEW is an innovative company that offers customised products for optimising the assembly of reinforcement. their most innovative product is the Jiggelo reinforcement assembly system, which can be used as a workstation for the assembly of all kinds of elements in all shapes and sizes.

SKEW aligns its design completely to your specific requirements. To achieve that, their technical experts, who have more than 10 years’ experience in designing assembly stations for companies all around the world, will be analysing your technical drawings and are working closely together with the customer.

Top steel manufacturers in the world


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