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Step by Step process

Step 1


Search the web and come up with about 20 companies to start calling. Select one of the sectors indicated in the purple categories in the company review page


The I have chosen the first item . I therefore searched for “air conditioning companies” on google

My search revealed this link


It lists 6 companies in this sector and they are large and not small and insignificant

Step 2

Select the companies and search their websites for their head office telephone numbers

Important: Ensure that the companies you call are not already listed in the company reviews we have listed already so do a simple search for the company name in this website’s search

 Step 3

Calling objectives

The art of calling is best achieved by someone who is relaxed and confident.

Ensure that you get to talk to a decision maker and not the receptionist (gate keeper). To achieve this it is better to be brief with the receptionist and not go into a long introduction of who you are. Let her believe you are a potential client if she wishes since you will ask her to put you through to the person in-charge of the African market because you are interested in getting more information on their products.

This will get you to a senior level person so that you get his/her name, and email address for further communication.

Remember that the information you want is to enable you qualify the company.

For a company to qualify they must confirm with a yes to 2 of the 4 first points indicated below via a followup email or on the telephone call that

  1. Africa is an important market for them
  2. They have participated in exhibitions in Africa in the recent past
  3. They have branch offices or agents in Africa
  4. They have supplied a large order or have participated in a large project in Africa recently
  5. A decision maker was obtained, name and email contact


You can download an example here of a typical call and listen  to how it went here

From the call you can hear that the objectives were met

  1. Point 1 and 4 were affirmative
  2. A decision maker was obtained, name and email contact

We will pay 500/= for every such call recording sent to us. Remember this 500/= includes any costs you incur. Costs on skype are very low for the regions we are covering as stated above (and even free for USA!) The only place it may be higher is UAE but your costs will likely not be higher than 1000/= in a week if you buy US$10 skype credit. If you get 10 such call recordings you will have earned Ksh 5000/= in that week!

The aspect of writing the profiles in order to earn the additional money will be considered after you have proven yourself here.

You will need to send us the recording and the name and url of the company for us to assess and send you your money instantly via mpesa if the company meets the criteria stated


If you are interested to begin please let us know so that should someone call us seeking to clarify if you work for us we will be able to confirm the same.




[email protected]

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