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Calpeda adds two new models to the MXP domestic pump line

MXP pumps are multi-stage horizontal closed couple pumps that were studied for the domestic environment, more specifically for garden use and irrigationsupplying water, and in apartment block systems. They are strong, compact, silent pumps, characteristics which, together with them being easy to use and install, make them ideal for this type of application.

When selecting the right model of pump for the needs of your system, the range you choose from must be as complete as possible. In this manner you can be sure that pumping system sizing is correct, and that the system itself works at best.

This is the reason why – in addition to answering the specific demands of the market – our research and development team worked to extend the range of MXP domestic pumps, adding two new models that can guarantee greater capacity.

The new additions are the MXP 206 and the MXP 406 pumps, which both reach a head of 65 metres, and which have a flow capacity of 5.4 m3 and 7.2m3 respectively.

The new models have all the strong points of the other MXP pumps:

  • safer against dry running, thanks to the suction port above the pump axis;
  • strength, thanks to the fact that the pump body is a single piece, open on one side only;
  • compactness, guaranteed by the fact that the pump-motor union and base are a single piece;
  • low noise level, thanks to the water-filled shroud around the stages;
  • care of the materials that come into contact with the liquid: AISI 304 steel and Noryl.

When used to transport drinking water, the MXP 206 and MXP 406 pumps can be supplied with ACS Sanitary Conformity Certification if requested.

About Calpeda

Since conception in 1959 Calpeda has been the leading developer, manufacturer, service provide and spare provider of pumps and accessories for all kinds of industries be it water supply, circulations, treatment, pools to waste movement and chemicals management all of it, be it above or under the ground or in submersed in water.  Being around so many years and with a large range one has to be unique in terms of its quality and evolvement of the pumps to changing requirements.  If one is partnering or using Calpeda pumps, they understand that it is vitally important that Calpeda brings a high level of quality and reliability to the market. At Calpeda we make no compromise. Every pump is FULLY Italian made at our own 450,000 m2 production facility, supported by our own in house R & D centre and our own foundry. Every pump is fully tested before leaving production and the performance of our products are certified and tested to international standards for Industrial standard pumps and even pumps for domestic and commercial applications.

The company appointed their sole distributor in Mombasa, Kenya called Mombasa Commercial & Industrial Enterprises ltd.  They stock a big range of products (pumps and accessories) and can get specialized pumps on demand from Calpeda, manufactured according to the requirements.  Calpeda products are available in Kenya and Africa.  Their distributors are the face of Calpeda, they don’t box push but their success lies in their experience and work with the client assisting in the right choice of the correct pump and provide specialist advise and solutions.



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