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Atlas Industries-manufacturer and supplier of top notch construction equipment and machinery

Based in Gujarat, India, Atlas Industries is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing of complete high-quality road and building construction machinery equipment.

Its product list includes equipment from different categories like asphalt plants, concrete plants, wet mix plants, bitumen sprayers, and road cleaning machines.

The company manufactures different types and a wide range of asphalt plants which include batching plants, drum mixers, counterflow asphalt mixers, and mobile asphalt mix plants. The batch mix plants come in capacities of 80 tph, 120 tph, 160 tph, 200 tph, and 260 tph while the stationary and mobile drum mix plants come in capacities of 40-60 tph, 60-90 tph, 90-120 tph and 120-150 tph. The counterflow asphalt plants come in the same capacities as the stationary and mobile drum and the portable drum mixers have a capacity of 20-30 tph.

In the concrete plant category, Atlas manufactures and supplies stationary plants with capacity from 30 m3/hr. to 200 m3/hr. and Mobile type from 20 m3/hr. to 60 m3/hr. Furthermore, under this category, the company has portable concrete mixers whose capacity range from 8-9 m3/hr., 12-13 m3/hr. and 20- 60 m3/hr. and they have either electric or diesel-powered engines.

For soil stabilization, Atlas offers wet mix plants and combined WMM with drum mixers. Wet mix macadam plants are available in capacities 100 tph, 160 tph, 200 tph and 250 tph.

Truck-mounted bitumen pressure distributors and towable mini sprayers are also available in capacities 4 T, 6 T, 8 T, 10 T, 12 T. The company also manufacture and supplies mini bitumen sprayers in the capacities 2 T and 3 T.

Its road cleaning brooms include the mechanical broom whose width is 2.5 meters and hydraulic road sweeper whose width is 2.1 meters. The mechanical sweepers can be used for paved or unpaved surfaces while the hydraulic brooms are better for paved surfaces. Both sweeper machines are tractor towable only that the mechanical brooms can be towed by any suitable vehicle while the hydraulic broom has to be attached by the PTO of any tractor.

Atlas products have been exported and used in India, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, Oman, Algeria, Philippines, Israel, Nigeria, Singapore, UAE, Bhutan, Egypt, Tanzania, Libya, etc. thanks to the company’s unbeatable combination of price, excellent service, and technologically advanced, top-of-the-line quality products.

The company dispatches its service personnel all over the globe to help set-up facilities and train operators. Its technician’s staff and the call-in service department offer technical assistance and troubleshooting for plants, even if the customer’s problem does not involve an ATLAS plant. From top to bottom, this is the best team in the business.



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