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Baico Pumps; the leading manufacturer of water pumps and booster sets in Spain

Baico is a leading company in the sector of water pumping, manufacture of pumps and pressure controllers. Thus offering practical, economical and reliable solutions available to the market in both water pumps and pressure controllers. The products are manufactured according to the strictest and most demanding specifications of the firm’s engineering department to satisfy the demands of their clients, providing quality, reliability and energy savings.

The company has several international manufacturing factories and logistic platform which are cutting edge and pioneers both in product development, new technologies, and manufacturing processes following the quality standards required by local and international regulations.

The firm is specialized in the manufacture of the following pumps groundwater, drainage, recirculation, solar, water treatment, pool, Hydro pneumatic accumulators and other pumps accessories which are used for various applications such as water treatment, Irrigation, Water Supply and Industrial Applications but to name a few.

“Baico is a company where the priority is our client, providing advice on product selection and after sales service. Our team of engineers provides a fast response in the repair of products commissioning of pumps and booster sets. ETEC S.A. not only supplies the appropriate water pump, but will also make sure that the implemented system is successful. We will help you oversee the operation, providing ongoing support, maintenance and consulting services. With a physical presence across the world, we will tailor our services to suite your operation depending on your location. We invite you to contact our office today for more information on water pumps. We are professional in Business, providing Taylor made solutions.

Baico staff has a large experience in the world of pumps, providing fast solutions to our clients, adapting and anticipating the world changing market demands and weather conditions, selecting the best products to meet the total customer’s satisfaction,” explains Juan Nierga, Managing Director.

BAICO Pumps offer high performance equipment for obtaining drinking water with low mineralogy free of odors, flavors and contaminants. The equipment is capable to remove up to 95% of the dissolved solids and up to 99% of the chlorine. Easy installation and simple maintenance for the replacement of the filter cartridges. It also includes a filtered water tank with a capacity of 12 l and a faucet for obtaining filtered water. If the inlet pressure is less than 3 Bar it is recommended to use the model equipped with pump. It is supplied with all accessories for installation. Supplied with a beautiful packaging in full color and with useful information.

Nierga concludes as he emphasize that Baico provides, water. They boost water, from Solar or traditional AC. Water pumps are needed for irrigation and drainage systems as they are used for water management. Depending on your individual needs, the water pump will either remove large amounts from the field or will make sure that large amounts of water stay in the field for products that require it. Without a good water pump in these areas, the plants can rot and fail to yield amounts needed in order to make your efforts worthless.








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