Plans for US$11 Bn Moscow-Kazan highway construction


Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan are discussing plans to construct a highway that will connect the capital cities of both countries, Moscow and Kazan respectively. The Moscow-Kazan highway construction project is expected to span for nearly 730km and is expected to take a period of four years if the project starts later on during the year if the threats of the current global pandemic reduce. Russia has stated that the project is very important to the country as part of its strategy for economic rehabilitation.

Construction of the Moscow-Kazan highway is expected to have to lanes on either side and will be constructed parallel to the already existing M7 highway that runs from Moscow to Ufa in the Republic of Tatarstan via Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod in Russia and through Kazan in Tatarstan.

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In recent talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, a deal was agreed upon where Anas, an Italian contractor was brought into the plans and will be assisting the Russian state infrastructure and highway service company, Avtodor to build the highway.

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There are also plans to upgrade the already existing M7 route that expected links Kazan with Ufa to the east. Meanwhile, the tendering process for a new bridge in Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk region has begun. The structure will span the Yenisei River, to the north of Kazan and the bridge is expected to cost nearly US$107 million to construct. Included in the contract for the bridge will be the construction of 2km of link roads. The bridge itself will measure 1.9km in length and is planned to be ready for traffic by 2023.

The collapse of the rail bridge connecting to the busy Russian port of Murmansk has caused major transport problems in the area. Heavy goods and passengers are now having to be transported to and from the port by road. The 90-year-old bridge was fixed in 2014 but was damaged recently by heavy flooding that has occurred ever since.



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