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10 busiest airports in the world in terms of number of flights

To determine how busy an airport is a lot of aspects including the number of passengers, the number of flight departures, and cargo traffic among others can be taken into account. In this article, we look at the 10 busiest airports in the world in terms of number of flights according to a July 2021 report.

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For the record, the list is hugely dominated by airports based in the United States of America (USA) followed by China, which has only recorded a total of two airports in the list.

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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Also known as Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport or simply Atlanta Airport, Hartsfield, Hartsfield–Jackson or by its airport code ATL, this is the primary international airport serving Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States.

The airport tops our list with a total of 28, 987 departure flights as of July 2021. This is however an almost 1% decrease compared to an April 2021 report where it recorded a total of 29, 273 flights, still at number 1.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas Ft. Worth Airport | Airport pictures, Dallas/fort worth international airport, American airlines

Otherwise known as DFW Airport, a name derived from its IATA and FAA LAD address code is the primary international airport serving the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolis area in the U.S. state of Texas.

The airport recorded a total of 25, 945 which is a negative 907 or the equivalent of -3.3% decrease compared to the April 2021 report.

O’Hare International Airport

Chicago O'Hare International Airport is a 3-Star Airport | Skytrax

This is an international airport, typically referred to as O’Hare Airport, Chicago O’Hare, or simply O’Hare. It is located on the Northwest Side of Chicago, Illinois, 14 miles northwest of the Loop business district.

The airport has experienced an amazing +13.2% in departure flights, and as a result, climbed two positions from number five in April 2021 report to number three with a total of 23.124.

O’Hare International Airport is the top gainer on this list.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte International Airport Leads in NextGen Air Traffic Improvements

Located approximately six miles from Charlotte city’s central business district, North Carolina, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is an international airport and the primary airport for commercial and military use in the Charlotte metropolitan area, USA.

In July 2021, the airport recorded a total of 22, 527 flights, a +3.9% increase from the number captured in the April 2021 report.

Denver International Airport

DIA to Make Lights More Energy-Efficient | USIlluminations

Locally known as DIA, Denver International Airport is located in the Western United States, primarily serving metropolitan Denver, Colorado, as well as the greater Front Range Urban Corridor.

The airport is the fifth busiest in the world in terms of number of flights as of July, having recorded a total of 22, 233 +5.7% from the previous report.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Top 10 airports on Chinese mainland - China.org.cn

The first airport in our list from outside the USA, in China, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the major airport of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, in the Southern region of the East Asian country.

The airport has maintained the same position from April’s report but with a decrease in the total number of flights from 19, 889 to 19, 587 in July.

Shanghai Pudong Airport 

Shanghai Pudong Airport to build world's biggest satellite concourse - The Moodie Davitt Report - The Moodie Davitt Report

The main international airport serving the city of Shanghai in China, Shanghai Pudong Airport, is the second airport from China on this list at number seven.

Located 30 km from Shanghai city center, in Pudong, the airport was still at the seventh position in April’s report with a total of 17, 813 flights. This time, however, the airport has had a +5.8% increase in the total number of flights.

Los Angeles International Airport

Tom Bradley Terminal Los Angeles International Airport LAX… | Flickr

Commonly referred to as LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, the primary international airport serving Los Angeles and its surrounding metropolitan area, remains at number with a total of 17, 912 total departure flights.

This is a 513 increase from the number recorded in April’s 2021 report.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport


This civil-military public airport is located approximately 3 miles east of downtown Phoenix, in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States.

The airport has had a 74 total flight decrease from 16, 516 in April to 16.442 in July, but it has retained the 9th position regardless.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is a 3-Star Airport | Skytrax

At number ten is an airport that held the 13th position in the last report. This climb has been enabled by a 539 increase in the total number of departure flights from 15, 423 in April to 15.962 in July.

The airport is Miami International Airport, which is also known as MIA and historically as Wilcox Field. It is the primary airport serving the Miami area, Florida, United States.

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