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China’s state owned Power Company has revealed plans, for what could be the World’s largest hybrid power project, a groundbreaking initiative that combines solar, wind, coal and energy storage technologies on an unprecedented scale. Spearheaded by the Three Gorges Renewables Group, this ambitious project is set to transform the global energy landscape and solidify China’s role as an energy leader.

At the core of this project $11 billion investment in an 18 GW energy complex to be built in Ordos city in Chinas Inner Mongolia region. Led by Inner Mongolia Three Gorges Mengneng Energy, a subsidiary of the Three Gorges Renewables Group this endeavor represents an advancement in integrated energy systems.

The main feature of this project is an 8 GW photovoltaic (PV) power plant that will become the world’s largest solar farm upon completion. This solar giant is expected to generate electricity to power around six million households demonstrating the potential of large scale solar energy production. To provide context the 8 GW capacity surpasses more than half of the installed solar capacity in the United Kingdom.

The World’s Largest Hybrid Power Project will also combine wind power showcasing China’s dedication to expanding its energy mix. The integration of wind energy emphasizes the value of utilizing sources for a more resilient energy system.

As part of China’s energy transition strategy the project will also include coal fired power capacity, alongside renewables. This decision reflects Chinas approach to meeting its energy demands while pursuing sustainability objectives.

To manage the variability of sources the project will incorporate a 5 GWh energy storage system. This storage capacity is essential for stabilizing power supply fluctuations and ensuring electricity generation from the facility. Additionally thermal energy capacity of 200 MW will be integrated to enhance flexibility and efficiency.

Construction on the World’s Largest Hybrid Power Project is set to commence in September 2024 with a completion date, in June 2027.

Once the facility is up and running it will supply electricity to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. Using an 800 kV ultra-high voltage transmission line.

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Ownership structure of the World’s Largest Hybrid Power Plant

The ownership structure of the World’s Largest Hybrid Power Project involves a partnership, with China Three Gorges Renewables land based division holding a majority share of 56% while the Inner Mongolia Energy Group has control over the remaining 44%. This collaboration reflects Chinas approach to enhancing its energy infrastructure.

The announcement of the project comes at a time when China has made strides in expanding its energy capacity. In 2023 solar power capacity in the country saw an increase of 55% reaching a 609 GW. Similarly wind power capacity grew by 21% surpassing 441 GW. These numbers underline Chinas dedication to achieving its target of building up to 1,200 GW of energy capacity by 2030.

China’s broader energy strategy is geared towards reaching peak emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. The power project marks an advancement towards these goals demonstrating China’s capability, in implementing large scale energy solutions.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has acknowledged China’s role in the expansion of energy, on a global scale. As per the IEA, China has added an amount of power capacity in 2022 as all other nations combined. This upward trajectory is expected to persist. With forecasts indicating that more than half of the world’s capacity will be installed within China by 2030.

The emergence of The World’s Largest Hybrid Power Project stands as evidence of China’s dedication to leading in energy pursuits. This development follows the activation of a 5 GW solar plant in Xinjiang province. Currently holding the title for being the world’s largest operational solar facility. Covering 200,000 acres in a desert region, the vast solar farm takes up the same space as New York City.

Development of the Worlds Largest Hybrid Power Project is poised to establish a model for energy projects on a scale. Through the integration of energy sources and the adoption of storage technologies this endeavor not only meets Chinas growing energy needs but also plays a significant role, in supporting global endeavors to address climate change and shift towards a more sustainable energy environment.

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