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Paragon Architects have partnered with MultiCAD of Ghana, and Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA) to develop Africa’s first Grade A commercial office project in Appolonia City. The four storey office building, the cost of construction of which is said to be approximately US$ 4M, will include both corporate office and retail space.

Henning Rasmuss, Director of Paragon Group, said that the project was a jewel for them, with significant reach and influence. “In the African office development market, projects like Appolonia City are major destinations that provide better, healthier, and more efficient working environments for fast-growing businesses and the skilled labor drawn to capital cities in Africa,” said Rasmuss.

“The timing of the project’s construction could not be more ideal due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus switched to wellness, integrated living, and retaining important employees in new metropolitan sites,” explained the Paragon Group director.

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Appolonia City CEO Bright Owusu-Amofah on the other hand stated that they were happy to welcome GREA to construct the first commercial office project in Appolonia City. He claimed that they already had a lot of interest in office and retail space from firms and people who wanted to take advantage of their ‘Live, Work, Play’ environment, which included offices, houses, schools, and shops all within easy reach.

Upon completion, according to GREA Chief Investment Officer, Andre Janari, the office building, which will enjoy Appolonia City’s world-class infrastructure that includes roads, power, water, waste management, and information technology, will have excellent leases and solid counterparties, beginning with Appolonia City itself, as with all of their real-estate solutions across Africa.

Project overview

Appolonia City is a new US$ 250M city under development on a 2325 acres piece of land located approximately 20 kilometers east of Accra, between the towns of Oyibi and Afienya, in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area.

Featuring a place to live, work, shop, entertainment, relaxation, and much more – all in a well-designed natural setting with the highest infrastructural standards, the project is quickly becoming the destination of choice for enterprises and people seeking a healthier environment outside of Accra’s congested city borders.

It is developed by Rendeavour, Africa’s largest city developer with over 30,000 acres of visionary projects in the growth trajectories of major cities in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is developing Appolonia City.

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Appolonia City Local Content Participation to Escalate

The Appolonia City developer has announced plans to increase local participation in the project’s infrastructure initiatives. This program aims to build the capacity and skills of local contractors and vendors, create employment opportunities, and impact local Appolonia’s economic activities positively.

The initiative’s scope of work includes the construction of roads, buildings, streetlights, water pipelines, landscaping, and other civil works. according to Bright Owusu-Amofah, Appolonia City’s CEO the city previously had around 15 local contractors working on utility and building projects.

The Appolonia City’s CEO explained that the Appolonia city project, as Greater Accra’s new city, was dedicated to enhancing Ghana’s human resource capacity, particularly in the real estate sector, adding that they were expecting the project to have a major effect on the economy and help raise industry standards.

Adamu Ben-Mahmoud, Appolonia City’s Utilities Manager, on the other hand, said that the project’s main objective was to deliver more than 30,000 quality new homes. Appolonia City’s population had been predicted to skyrocket in 2021 so contractors and service providers were encouraged to pre-qualify with them.