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The focus of this platform primarily lies Kenya’s Top Construction Projects with a value of Sh10 billion or more that’re currently in progress or have been recently announced. Project details are gathered from sources.


Although efforts have been made to collect the up to date information users should be aware that project evaluations are subject to review by their respective owners.


Among the Kenya’s Top Construction Projects for 2024 are;


1.) Lapsset

Considered one of Kenya’s Top Construction Projects the Sh2 trillion Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport Corridor project aims to stimulate economic growth and potentially double the countrys GDP.


Key components include Lamu Port, the Lamu Ethiopia South Sudan highway, the Lamu Juba Addis Ababa railway, an oil refinery and a 2,240km pipeline connecting oil reserves in South Sudan to the refinery at Lamu Port.


Additionally it involves constructing three resort cities in Lamu, Isiolo and Lokichoggio; building airports, within these cities; as establishing a 1,100MW power line and a 185km water supply network.


2.) Mega Dams

Mega dams have been a focus since April 2013, with various government agencies committing over Sh700 billion to dam construction projects nationwide.


Currently several large scale dams are being built, with an investment of Sh143 billion. These include the Thwake Dam in Kitui/Makueni counties costing Sh37 billion the Itare Dam in Nakuru County at Sh28 billion and the Siyoi Muruny Dam in West Pokot County amounting to Sh5 billion.

3.) Northlands City

Moving on to Northlands City the Kenyattas are embarking on a project to develop an 11,000 acre estate that will accommodate around 250,000 residents and businesses. Known as Northlands City and estimated at Sh500 billion this development will occupy a parcel of land in Ruiru situated 15km from Nairobis city center.

4.) Standard Gauge Railway

Another Kenya’s Top Construction Projects is the Standard Gauge Railway connecting Mombasa and Malaba. President Uhuru Kenyatta inaugurated the construction on November 28 2013. Phase one of this project from Mombasa to Nairobi was completed in 2017 at a cost of Sh327 billion. Phase 2A extending from Nairobi to Naivasha was finalized in 2019 with an investment of Sh150 billion. However due to constraints further progress, on the railway has been halted.

5.) Tatu City

Tatu City, a 2,500 acre mixed use development project, in Ruiru began construction in 2014 after facing challenges that halted the Sh220 billion initiative for four years.


Initially introduced as Kenyas managed city in October 2010 Tatu City encountered delays due to land ownership disputes, which have since been resolved.

Kenya's Top Construction Projects

6.) Konza Technology City

Konza Technology City, envisioned as a trillion “Silicon Savannah” in Machakos County and a key component of Vision 2030 has seen progress since groundbreaking in 2013. The only notable development has been the establishment of the Konza Technopolis Development Authority headquarters.

7.) Nairobi-Mombasa Expressway

Regarding the Nairobi Mombasa Expressway despite Kenya entering into an agreement with US company Bechtel four years for the construction of a Sh300 billion expressway linking Nairobi and Mombasa financing discussions remain unresolved. Disagreements persist over whether to adopt the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model preferred by Kenya or Bechtels proposed alternative due to cost implications, over the 25 years.

8.) Kenol-Isiolo Road

The Kenol Isiolo Road project received a boost in July 2020 with the commencement of the Sh16 billion construction of the Kenol Marua segment marking progress, towards the development of a carriageway.


This 219km highway will be divided into two sections; Kenol Marua spanning 84km and Marua Isiolo covering 135km with a completion date set for December 2023.

9.) Mau Mau Road

The construction of the Mau Mau Road, a 540km route dedicated to honoring the contributions of Mau Mau freedom fighters in Kenyas independence struggle is currently underway. This road will provide connectivity for three Kenya counties to Nairobi starting from Gataka in Limuru and passing through Kamahindu Kibichoi in Kiambu Kinyona in Kigumo and Ichichi, in Murang’a.

10.) The Pinnacle Hilton

Named The Pinnacle Hilton and inaugurated in May 2017 this project includes a 5 star hotel and a towering 300 meter high office block that will surpass South Africas Leonardo building to become Africas structure. The Hilton Nairobi Upper Hill will occupy the 45 storey section while the adjacent 70 storey wing will house Grade A offices alongside a high end shopping complex. Pinnacle will be considered Kenya’s Top Construction Projects as it will be the highest in Africa.

The development of the Pinnacle Hilton has been delayed due, to challenges.


11.) The Turkana Lamu

Pipeline project, managed by British energy services company Wood Group Plc has finalized the design for a crude oil pipeline connecting Lokichar fields in Turkana with the port of Lamu.


Wood Group Plc, selected by Kenya in March 2018 to conduct the Front End Engineering Design for the 824km pipeline has presented two design options. The first option involves a pipeline with storage facilities costing Sh120 billion while the alternative with floating storage is estimated at Sh110 billion.

12.) Mau Summit Road

Construction is set to commence on a toll highway from Nairobi to Mau Summit following an agreement between Kenya and Rift Valley Connect, a consortium consisting of Vinci Highways SAS, Meridian Infrastructure Africa Fund and Vinci Concessions SAS.


The project valued at Sh180 billion will include expanding the 180 kilometre road into a four lane carriageway from Rironi in Limuru to Mau Summit in Nakuru County.

13.) Nairobi Railway City

A groundbreaking ceremony has taken place for the proposed Nairobi Railway City after ten years of anticipation. The project aims to alleviate congestion, in downtown Nairobi.

The initiative announced in 2010 involves the development of a 425 acre area situated between Haile Selassie Avenue, Uhuru Highway and Bunyala Road. This project includes transit hubs, residential buildings, commercial establishments and other amenities.

14.) Mombasa Gate Bridge

Mombasa Gate Bridge – The Kenya National Highways Authority has finalized the design, for the Sh85 billion Mombasa Gate Bridge. Construction is expected to commence. KeNHA will soon begin the land acquisition process for the project. Implement relocation plans that will continue until this year.

15.) Nairobi Mass Transport System

Nairobi Mass Transport System – Kenya has been strategizing to implement a Sh35 billion public mass transportation system to streamline transportation in Nairobi. The project is jointly funded by the World Bank (Sh25.2 billion) and the government (Sh9.8 billion). Initially planned to start in 2017 unforeseen circumstances delayed its commencement.

16.) Mai Mahiu Suswa Road

Mai Mahiu Suswa Road – The government plans to revamp and reconstruct a 41km stretch of road, from Maai Mahiu to Suswa to address traffic disruptions and diversions during the season.

The Mai Mahiu Suswa Road, which connects to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve is undergoing reconstruction to accommodate increased traffic volumes in the future with plans, for a carriageway.

17.) Kiambu-Mang’u-Thika Road

The Kiambu Mang’u Thika Road project by KeNHA involves a Sh10.78 billion upgrade to sections connecting Kiambu Road and Thika Road turning them into a carriageway.


This project consists of six segments. The 12km stretch from Kiambu Road to Ngewa will become a carriageway while the 10km section between Ngewa and Kibichoi will be a carriageway.

18.) Palm Exotica

Regarding Palm Exotica, the Sh23 billion initiative aiming to construct a 61 floor luxury hotel in Watamu Kilifi County faces uncertainty as Nema has not approved it due to non compliance with zoning plans.

19.) Tana River Nuclear Plant

The Tana River Nuclear Plant project proposed by the Nuclear Power and Energy Agency (NuPEA) is seeking clearance for building a Sh540 billion nuclear power plant, in Tana River.

The first nuclear power plant of 1,000 MW is slated for commissioning in 2027. Anticipated to expand to 4,000 MW by 2035.

20.) Nairobi Western Bypass

Construction has started on the Nairobi Western Bypass, a Sh17 billion highway project aimed at reducing traffic jams, in the city. This 16.79km highway, managed by China Road and Bridge Corporation begins at Gitaru on the Nairobi Nakuru highway. Connects to the Southern Bypass, in Kikuyu.

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