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Top 3 mega malls in Africa

Africa’s construction industry is on the rise and in the recent years malls in Africa have thrived as investors pump in millions of dollars towards their development.

This shows that the growth of the middle class which is a primary target of the malls is on the rise in many Africa contraries.

Increasing local spending power and a boom in the number of expat workers in recent years have led investors to turn their attentions to the benefits of retail therapy.
From Nairobi to Johannesburg, major urban centers across the continent have seen a construction boom take hold — and the world of shopping is at the heart of it.
Here are some of the top 4 malls that are set to be launched

Mall of Africa-South Africa

This is one of the biggest shopping mall located in Midrand, Gauteng in South Africa which opened its doors few months ago and it is the largest single phase shopping mall to be built in Africa with a total retail area of 131 000 square metres, and a gross area of 550 000 square metres
South Africans met the mall’s April 28 opening with equal doses of delirium and disdain. More than 400,000 people visited in its first five days of operation

Two Rivers – Kenya
Two Rivers – Kenya mall is expected to be one of the biggest mall in the country as it is currently under construction and Set to open later this year in Nairobi.
The Two Rivers development project will have 62,000 square meters of retail space and its very own water park area, complete with dolphins.

West Hills Mall – Ghana
Ghana being one the fast developing nation also in the African continent is currently developing of the biggest mall in the region.
The West Hills Mall in Accra, Ghana, is just one of several new developments that will soon adorn the city’s skyline.

Top 3 mega malls in Africa


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