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Ponte Health Global Corporation has announced the establishment of the Vertical Medical City Foundation, in Florida, to promote the progress of Geriatric Medical, Geriatric Biomedical, and Geriatric Health and Wellness Research in Vertical Medical City – Orlando and all future development locations. Vertical Medical City – Orlando, located at 1000 North Orange Avenue, is a place to live and develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively in linked care, health, and wellness setting. It is a house in a healing community that is backed by ground-breaking creative technology that improves life and legacy by providing a new standard of care for aging-in-place.

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Future Vertical Medical City sites in Florida will include Biscayne in Miami-Dade County, North/Palm Beach in Palm Beach County, and Tampa in Hillsborough County, servicing over 6 million seniors. Additional locations, such as Naples or Fort Lauderdale, might be studied but are not currently planned. The Vertical Medical City Foundation will fund geriatric research in chronic and acute conditions, prescriptive nutrition, assistive technologies and applications, and provide financial assistance to its residents to alleviate the overwhelming burden that so many families face today and in times like these.

Support for the Vertical Medical City Foundation will provide valuable resources for the continuous development and improvement of this new model being deployed in Vertical Medical City, that of a connected continuum of life and care for those over 60, and will serve as a model for others in the geriatric medical and long term care spaces to follow suit as these locations begin to deploy the best and healthiest environments for our seniors to live their best most emancipated lives. Recent events related to the Coronavirus Pandemic only serve to highlight the importance of the Vertical Medical City mission and deployment, as well as the hard work of the Ponte Health team and its partners, with current market conditions highlighting the significance and value of the outcomes being created.