Construction Work On Tanzania’s Mbamba Bay Port Commences

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Construction work on the Mbamba Bay Port, a highly anticipated project, on Tanzania’s Lake Nyasa in Ruvuma region has commenced.

Attended, as well as witnessed by a number of leaders and transport sector’s stakeholders, a formal occasion for the project’s handover between a consulting entity, Anova Consulting Company Ltd, and Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA), recently took place at the construction site.

According to Mr. Manga Gassaya, who addressed the attendees on behalf of the Director General, Manager of Lake Nyasa Ports of TPA, claimed that it was time for them to execute the project. He added that the Mbamba Bay Port project will be implemented by China’s Xiamen Ongoing Construction Group Co Ltd.

How much will it cost to establish the Mbamba Bay Port?

The project will come at a cost of TSH 80.85 billion. The amount will also cover the contractor as well as the consultant’s costs. It is expected to be carried out for a period of 24 months.


During the Mbamba Bay Port project’s execution period, the people of the Nyasa District, Ruvuma Region as well as the surrounding areas will benefit from jobs it will create. It will also boost cargo volume as well as passenger numbers.

Entrepreneurship, agriculture, all levels manufacturing industries and other economic activities will also be stimulated by the project’s establishment in the region. The Indian Ocean’s port efficiency in connecting with the Mbamba Bay Port via the Mtwara corridor will be improved.

Image showing the masterplan for Mbamba Bay Port project.

Once complete, the port is expected to be Lake Nyasa Ports new headquarters. It will also be a significant link between Tanzania and its neighboring nations of Malawi and Zambia. These countries are huge markets for food products along with many other items produced by the Southern Highlands Regions and Lake Nyasa’s coast people.

Both time and cost will be saved while transporting cargo from Mtwara Port to Mbamba Bay Port. This is because they will use roads as a means of transportation due to short distances.

The project’s idea was conceived as a result of TPA’s research as well as a feasibility study. The research was carried out to figure out the actual requirements that facilitate fruitful investments in the entity’s eight ports on Lake Nyasa’s shores. The eight ports include Matema port, Ndumbi port, Mbamba Bay port, Liuli port, Lupingu port, Manda port, Kiwira port, and Itungi.

According to TPA’s research and feasibility study, Manda, Mbamba Bay and Kiwira ports need strategic investments. These ports have an economic and also a commercial criterion. Such investments would facilitate an increase in its revenue. This will be done through boosting their capacity of provision of services. 

The Mbamba Bay Port’s capacity

Mbamba Bay, according to the sentiments made by Mr Gassaya at the end of 2023, it will be the biggest port on Lake Nyasa. He added that the annual cargo handling capacity in the port will also increase hugely from 35,000 tonnes , which is the current handling capacity to 320,000 tonnes.

About TPA

Working under the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, TPA is responsible for the management and operations of the ocean ports. It is also in charge of all activities running in all Tanzanian lakes.

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