Egis secures contract for construction of Abou Qir Metro Line in Egypt

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Abo Qir Misr Alexandria Rail Egypt metro project: Egis, an international architecture consulting, construction engineering and mobility group has secured the contract to undertake the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) Support, Contract Management and Construction Supervision Consulting services for Extension of the metro line from Abou Qir to Misr Station.


Having been referred to as the Abou Qir Metro Line, the railway will measure around 22km, connecting Abo Qir and Misr Station. In addition, in cooperation with the National Authority for Tunnels (NAT) and the Engineering Consultants Group S. A. (ECG), it is planned to upgrade Alexandria’s current diesel-powered railway to an efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly electric metro to accomplish Alexandria’s need of an efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly transport solution.

Abou Qir Metro Line in Egypt

This company will be the lead consultant in the project and it will offer services in some key areas such as: The PIU Support where Egis will help NAT in the management of the project to ensure that all phases are implemented as planned; The Contract Management which is a major of the services offered by Egis in this project because it will ensure that there are good relations between the contracting parties as well as the adherence to the contractual agreements; Also it


National Authority of Tunnels said: “Collaborating with Egis to develop this revolutionary metro will be one of the pillars, through which our vision to upgrade and diversify Alexandria’s mobility will be realized this new metro line is a strategic approach in Alexandria’s transportation revolution through proposing sustainable, efficient, and sophisticated urban transportation system for Alexandria’s citizens, “our collaboration with Egis to establish this revolutionary metro will definitely add value to the overall development of Alexandria’s transportation infrastructure. ”

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Omar Benzaria, Regional Transportation Director, Egis Middle East & South Asia, stated: “When thinking about the prospects of the urban mobility, the mobility transformation towards integrated, sustainable solutions emerges as actually critical for the future of urban environments This metro line project is a good example of the corresponding tendencies, as it demonstrates how engineering and planning advancements can help to redefine the urban space for better, more sustainable future This project means that for Egis it becomes possible to guarantee that new standards are set for the operation efficiency of the public transit flagship,

“We are proud to be the strategic partner of NAT in so many transportation needs for Egypt today, where our highly skilled local and international experts who are actively involved in multiple projects ensure that NAT’S vision for sustainable travel and smart city development is realized in the highest levels of quality, as we remain keen to support Egis’ Egyptian customers on their journey towards Vision 2030. ”


Another key aspect of Abu Qir Metro line is that the line will be divided into two major segments. The first one is a 15. The first is an elevated section of the railway that is 5 kilometers long while the second is an at-grade section of the railway that is 6 kilometers long which runs parallel to the existing railway.


The elevated section will see 14 new, modern metro stations developed from scratch. Some of these stations include the terminal station in Abu Qir; El Maamoura Station, which will intersect with another railway line; Montazah which is an intermediate terminal; and Victoria Station which interconnects to the Raml Tram.

Metro Stations Development

Six more stations will be constructed at the ground section; Kafer Abdou station connects the depot, Sidi Gaber links to the Raml Tram stations, and Misr station connects the current railway network. This will ensure sustainability of the right-of-way of the Misr Station – Abu Qir railway line which will be incorporated into the project.

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