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Egypt’s spanking new capital rising up out of the desert sands is set to bring a breath of fresh air to Cairo that is weighed down by it’s population that continues to rise putting a strain on existing infrastructure. Presently Cairo’s 20 million inhabitants have to make do with traffic snarl ups and housing prices that have spiked upward and by 2050 the projected population of 50 million will be well beyond the city’s ability to bear. The new capital promises a greener, cleaner and more welcoming environment.. We take a look at 5 interesting key points to note about Egypt’s new capital

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  1. Like a yet unborn baby the new city remains unnamed to date despite the thousands of construction workers trooping there every day. It is located about 45 kilometers East of Cairo in an area that could easily cover the whole of Singapore.


  1. The project is being built in phases and ahead of the pack is the administrative capital that is set to be completed by next year. This phase will house 7 million people and will include the presidential palace, house of parliament and accommodate over 30 government ministries.


  1. The Chinese a common sight elsewhere in Africa are playing a key part in the development of the project. China’s State Contracting Engineering Corporation  are set to put up 20 sky scrapers one of which will rank as the tallest tower in Africa at a staggering 345 metres.


  1. The developers consist of a company in which 51 percent ownership is held by the government through the military.


  1. 25000 residential units have already been put up in one of 20 planned districts. Plots are on sale as well as apartments off-plan so line up and take your pick


Since 2015 when the project was first mooted it has seen several false starts with investors failing to breakground but more recently with the current works underway it is now certain that the initial phases will see the light of day.