Z Athlete Factory Plans to Build a Massive $1.2B athlete-focused complex in Las Vegas

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An Arizona-based company plans to relocate to Las Vegas and construct a massive, $1.2 billion athlete-focused complex, Z Athlete Village.

Z Athlete Factory said it plans to move from Scottsdale, AZ to Las Vegas pending construction of its new headquarters, called the Z Athlete Village. Zig Ziegler, the CEO, described the village as a hub for “athletic training, sports performance and events for competition.”

Z Athlete Factory calls itself a leading provider in artificial intelligence-driven athletic solutions, and it says it aims to use A.I. to revolutionize the athletic industry.

As for where in Las Vegas the company plans to build all this, Z Athlete Factory has narrowed its options to two potential sites after “nearly purchasing close to 30 acres last summer.” The company expects to have its final site selection under contract within 30 days.

“After an extensive evaluation process, Las Vegas emerged as the perfect location for Z Athlete Village,” Ziegler said in a release announcing the company’s relocation. “We are thrilled to announce our relocation and planned launch of Z Athlete Village, a revolutionary hub for athletic training, sports performance and events for competition.”

Z Athlete Factory’s founders say their vision of relocating to Las Vegas began during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renderings of the proposed Z Athlete Village show two residential towers, which Z Athlete Factory refers to as “condotels” for amateur and professional athletes to reside in while training.

The company is also seeking investors for the planned construction of more than 1,000 “condotel” units at Z Athlete Village, calling it a “unique investment opportunity for those looking to be part of the future of sports in Las Vegas.”

Z Athlete Factory wants to complete all phases of the project by mid-2028, “just before the Olympic Games in Los Angeles,” the company stated.

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What’s in Z Athlete Village, Las Vegas?

The Z Athlete Village is gearing up to be a beacon, for athletes centered around the Z Athlete Factory Sports Performance and Technology Center. This expansive complex will host the worlds track and field arena a 2,600 seat aquatics center, the state of the art Gymnastics Apex and the versatile Annex Indoor Courts. Each venue is crafted to push the limits of training and performance.

More than top tier training facilities Z Athlete Village will provide a living experience with approximately 1,000 “condotel” units. This arrangement enables athletes to fully immerse themselves in their sport fostering an environment where excellence’s not encouraged but anticipated. By combining premier amenities with athlete centric accommodations Z Athlete Village strives to nurture a wave of champions, in sports disciplines.

“Upon opening, Z Athlete Village and its venues will change the landscape of sports in Las Vegas, paving the way for the destination to expand its portfolio of sports programming that it can host,” Lisa Motley, vice president of sports and special events for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), said in a statement. “We’re excited to help make this campus a reality.”

“We are confident that Z Athlete Village will revolutionize how athletes experience their lives training sessions and competitions ” mentioned Ziegler. “Through the integration of state of the art technology and top tier amenities our goal is to support athletes in achieving their performance levels. Our advanced A.I. Technology equips coaches, with the resources to assist athletes in optimizing their outcomes.”

According to the Z Athlete Village website, they plan to break ground on the property in December 2024 and host their first event in November 2026.

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