Formosa 4 Offshore Wind Project: Design & Jacket Foundation Work Contract Awarded

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Swancor Renewable Energy‘s Formosa 4 offshore wind project in Miaoli County, Taiwan, has commissioned Semco Maritime to do a conceptual design study and jacket foundation for a 500 MW offshore substation. The Danish firm will complete the scope of the project with the support of partners PTSC M&C in Vietnam, ISC Consulting Engineers in Denmark, and WSP in Taiwan.

Under the deal, ISC Consulting Engineers will be in charge of the conceptual design and layout of the offshore substation and jacket structure, while PTSC M&C will contribute to the assessment of construction and fabrication for the offshore substation and jacket, as well as input to the project timeline.

WSP will serve as the project’s auxiliary arm, assisting with the local supplier system to ensure compliance with local content criteria, as well as with Taiwanese authorities to ensure that the conceptual design study and paperwork conform with local norms and requirements.

According to Semco Maritime, the conceptual design project documentation will be generated partially in Denmark and partly in Taiwan, thereby implementing the previously disclosed localization requirements for the third bidding round in Taiwan.

“We will aim to include as much locally manufactured equipment as possible in the Conceptual Design project while adhering to required standards for the offshore substation and balance of plant,” the Danish firm stated.

Formosa 4 offshore wind project currently under Taiwan’s EPA review

Swancor Renewable Energy has reportedly forwarded an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for its Formosa 4 project, which began the evaluation process at Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this month.

The project is one of two schemes the developer is preparing for Round 3 bidding, and one of nine projects currently under EPA review. The Round 3 offshore wind tenders in Taiwan will be procuring project development for wind farms that will be operational from 2026 to 2035, with the first phase focusing on projects that will be operational in 2026/2027.

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Swancor Renewable Energy stated in September 2020 that it would create a 4.4 GW portfolio of new offshore wind projects off the coast of Miaoli County, following its participation in the development of Formosa 1, Taiwan’s first commercial offshore wind project, and Formosa 2.

The projects were branded Formosa 4-1, Formosa 4-2, and Formosa 4-3, with the bottom-fixed Formosa 4-3 being renamed Formosa 4 and the floating project Formosa 4-2 renamed Formosa 5, to conform with the bidding method outlined in the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Round 3 auction guidelines.

Swancor officially submitted the Environmental Impact Assessment report for the 4.4 GW development to Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy in December 2020, claiming to be the first to do so ahead of other contenders for the Third Zonal Development of Offshore Wind.