GE Vernova’s Largest Ever Wind Turbine Order for SunZia Project

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GE Vernova has written its largest ever order; a provision of 674 wind turbines for the revolutionary SunZia Wind project. Scheduled for completion in 2024 across 150,000 acres of federal lands in New Mexico. At 2.4 gigawatts, Pattern Energy’s order marks GE’s biggest yet. This surpasses previous records in units and electricity capacity. 

SunZia’s general influence will surpass even the extremely large size of its equipment supply. 500 turbines over 3500 acres, ready to produce an impressive 3.5 GW of power. Handing it to the best of largest wind farm in the whole Western Hemisphere. The rapidly expanding establishment will be able to power up to 1.5 million homes with emissions-free electricity.

GE Vernova’s Next-Generation 3.6-154 Onshore Turbine

Overseeing the complex SunZia Wind development from blueprint to reality, has required overcoming complicated operational barriers. Transporting and constructing GE Vernova’s grand 140 meter turbines, each provided with 108 meter long blades, is no simple task. However, through close coordination over the last 18 months, the partners have made more efficient site layouts. This will ease installation while improving performance and simplifying elements to improve productivity.

The project will make use of GE Vernova’s next-generation 3.6-154 onshore turbine model. This was designed particularly for the U.S. market with top-performing productivity ratings. The 3.6-154 expands over 200 million hours of operating experience and three years of comprehensive research and growth. GE Vernova’s simulation testing confirmed 3.6-154 as their most reliable equipment. Unmatched investments in quality testing backed this.

GE Vernova's Wind Turbine

Vernova’s Wind Turbine Order Shaping the Clean Energy Landscape

Moving to a cleaner national energy network will require an immense increase in renewable power generation. The gathering winds of the SunZia project will not just produce emissions-free megawatts. The build out also signals winds of change for American manufacturing and skilled labor.

The SunZia Wind project will encourage creation of union green jobs. This is in alignment with the pro-domestic production policies of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. Nacelles will roll off the assembly line at GE Vernova’s Pensacola, Florida facility. Towers are utilized for construction at plants in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas.

Government benefits offered to inland renewable investments within the U.S. have sped up companies’ hiring and factory upgrade timetables. A new wind gear assembly line was already in operation as of November 2023. This May, GE Vernova announced a $50 million boost to add 200 more workers in New York.

Timely Relief for Electricity-Hungry Western States

The completion of the SunZia Wind farm in 2024 has come in time for electricity-hungry states across the Western regions. Grid demand in New Mexico and its neighbors has continued its constant climb. Mainly because, rapidly rising temperatures propel increasing air conditioning use and make thermoelectric generation less efficient.

Against this setting, the increase in renewable megawatts from the landmark wind project will provide much-needed stability. GE Vernova CEO Scott Strazik commended the deal. A great example of how the policy certainty created by the IRA is helping to push forward important investments in the U.S. wind power market.

GE Vernova’s Role in Facilitating the New Mexico Project

Years ago, the foundation for the SunZia contract breakthrough were laid. The project builds on an 18-year joint relationship between GE Vernova and Pattern Energy. Together they have covered over a dozen combined wind farm projects.

GE Vernova removed obstacles for the aspiring New Mexico undertaking. This was done by providing Pattern Energy with essential consulting services and financing support in the planning stages. In turn, Pattern Energy has trusted GE Vernova’s advanced turbine technology and expertise in maintenance to responsibly manage SunZia for the decades of renewable power production to come.

Pattern Energy’s installed base with GE Vernova in North America now stands at approximately 4.3 total gigawatts. Yet beyond the remarkable capacity standards lies a human story. Two industry leaders bonded by shared purpose and willingness to challenge old limits in mission of a cleaner energy future.

Trusted Partners GE Vernova and Pattern Energy Push Creativity Limits

The SunZia Wind project has brought about renewable power online to satisfy rising electricity appetites across the Western United States.  GE Vernova reaffirms its leading position with its single largest wind turbine order from Pattern Energy fulfilled. It supplies the technology and services necessary to transform grand green energy goals like New Mexico’s into realities.

When the last extremely tall turbine rises over the desert in 2024, the completed project will do far more than generate enough emissions-free electricity for 1.5 million homes. SunZia also announces new possibilities for advanced domestic manufacturing and skilled labor opportunities in the renewables field. Just as importantly, the deal restores a collaborative spirit between two trusted partners committed to pushing the limits of creativity in pursuit of a cleaner energy future for all.


Now approaching the final ramp of construction in advance of that ribbon cutting in 2024, forward momentum feels unstoppable. And like any pioneering roadway that evolves a region, the ripple effects of SunZia expand far beyond electrons alone. The project will set in motion sustained waves of opportunity and progress for both U.S. manufacturing and climate resilience for years to come.

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