Green Giant Project: Advancing Renewable Energy in the DRC

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A new $2.3 billion Green Giant Project seeks to enhance renewable energy’s access in South Kivu (DRC). Among the partners involved in this project, are a global company on solar energy SkyPower Global. Secondly, a DRC government representing the country’s national goals. Lastly, is the countrywide finance institution Africa Finance Corporation (AFC). This institution pools all the resources in need for the energy project to come to realization.

The project has an early 200 MW phase. However, it may eventually grow to a 1,000 MW solar power station in the DRC. This remarkable power purchase agreement about solar power was in conclusion between SkyPower and SNEL, the DRC’s public power company.

Collaboration Bringing Expertise and Funding for the Giant Green Project

SkyPower’s collaboration with AFC through the agreement of joint development will significantly reduce the workload. Hence, it will speed up the building of the initial phase of the Green Giant project of 200MW.

SkyPower maintains more than 20 years of experience in implementation of the large-scale solar projects globally. AFC cannot disappoint in setting up a project in the Northern-central region of Kenya. They have a strong reputation of arranging power and infrastructure projects in the African continent. The pledge aims to switch to alternative methods of energy production and solve the climate problem of Africa.

These organizations have demonstrated a great deal of resolve for the promotion of renewable energy through the exhibit at the recent COP28 climate summit, an agreement toward joint a development. Their partnership creates a prototype of clean energy-based economic development in Africa, which in turn can be under works as a model for future economic growth.

Green Giant Project
Solar power plants in the dusk of the evening

Green Giant Project Timeline and Details

Any construction on the first phase of the 200MW project is in permit to begin in 2025. This is according to the agreement unless there are further approvals needed. This response cannot be overemphasized. It has been six months since the signing of a 1000MW solar power purchase agreement which is a major step for Green Giant.

Reaching of DRC’s electrification goals through renewable energy partnerships is the main objective of the project. The president of Carter Félix Tshisekedi hopes the clean energy generated from these efforts and other separate initiatives will bolster the nation’s GDP by approximately USD $2.3 billion and create also 30,000 jobs within the country.

Access to electricity in the DRC

Building clean energy base line is urgent in the DRC. Less than a tenth of the nation has electricity access today. Such a means makes the country second to Nigeria in power deficit numbers or lack of power.

The project of “Green Giant” is one of such partnerships through which the DRC Government envisions better application and utilization of solar energy and hydroelectric power to connect the electrified citizens. With the likes of Nuru being local startups which also create mini grids for the spread of 24h green electricity along the DR Congo’s urban settlements.

Investing in the DRC’s Energy Future

The Green Giant Project is a venture that is going to invest in the production of renewable energy. Moreover, economic development and the creation of jobs for the people of the three parties involved in this agreement. This is their goal as they want to be the example for communities. Thus, to shift and gradually achieve renewable power strategies. Additionally, to provide more reliable electricity to the control in the following years.

This joint venture envisages a speedy transitional turn that is geared at a climate-resilient future.


The Green Giant project demonstrates the massive potential and urgent need for renewable energy partnerships in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Though just in the initial planning stages, this collaborative $2.3 billion endeavor hopes to bring clean, reliable electricity access to millions who lack it today. Together SkyPower, Africa Finance Corporation, and the DRC government aim to create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and set an example for the nation’s clean energy future. The years ahead will reveal how initiatives like the Green Giant solar project can improve lives by advancing electrification through sustainable power solutions across Africa.