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This article will focus on 10 largest construction projects in the world, which  demonstrate the evolution of technology in the construction sphere, while at the same time, highlight the influence these projects will have not only on the communities they will be located in, but also on the whole planet.

Neom City

Neom is a large territory of Saudi Arabia, which is earmarked for development, thanks to the efforts of Mohammed bin Salman, who is acting in its favor as its de facto ruler. Neom city is estimated to cost US $500 billion (£371bn). Similar to Neom, which is frequently called a “smart city”, it is an area that is a home to various cities, resorts, and developments.

The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), is the investment vehicle of the Saudi Arabian government will lay on the table big money on the construction of the building. Thenewnation-CEO declared that the company has been able to raise the money by equity contribution of the sum to $ 500 billion, as the statement released by him. Oil industry has been a mainstay of the Saudi Vision 2030 that is served to reduce oil dependency and foster restructured economy.

The Gulf Railway

Recent halting steps as to the expansion of sub-regional railways in the GCC region give an insight that the GCC Rail development goes along right. The rail sector proves to be very interesting and appropriate for rail investments as the railroad is the GCC member economies at the threshold of new stage of urbanization.

Infrastructure development are fueled by the good growth of the cash inflows of oil as well as the strong market fundamentals of last year. Unlike in other GCC member states, the growth of the GCC Rail network (whose route is around 2,000 kilometers) may have different rates in each of these member states.

According to reports, the emir will be commissioned officially in March 2024. According to media or journalistic accounts, the final operation will happen before the year aside. Furthermore, the UAE also managed to upgrade its railway network. Back in February, the United Arab Emirates’National Railway Network was presented for the very first time.

The Dholera Solar Park

The Dholera Solar Park being created in the Gujarat state of India is one of the biggest solar power plants in the world. This dam has a surface area of 11000 km² and a power generation capacity of 700 MW. The site was built by the Adani Green Energy (AGEL) Company that has fixed and trackable panels which are capable of capturing more sunlight across the day. A central inverter, which is another name for a group of solar panels, changes the direct current into the alternating current which can flow to the grid.
As much as the construction of Dholera Solar Power Plant was a huge hindrance, difficulties such as moving populations and setting up fifty thousand solar panels and other pieces of equipment in a gigantic and slanting ground were real. The survey of the site was conducted by the team and planning of the facility building was done with the help of the world class geospatial technology in order to resolve the issues.

They also built a network of highways, tracks, and roads to handle the transportation of large quantities of machinery and materials at the mining site.

King Abdullah Economic City

King Abdullah Economic City, the biggest development project which the Kingdom has undertaken, has adopted the contemporary architectural designs inventing one of the most important economic cities of the world. It will take around 20 years to construct the City that will be able to accommodate about 1.8 million residents. The project is planned to beginin2006and wrap upin2025.

The first stage, which will last from 2006 to 2011, is the start. There will be a seaport, a zone for industries, a business center, a resort and facilities area, residential communities and scientific and research institutes all in the KAEC in the years to come. KAEC stands for King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia.
While King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was still alive, the city of King Abdullah’s Economic City in Saudi Arabia was launched in 2005 with an estimated construction cost of USD 100 billion. Thus, over the years, the city has progressed tremendously, being marked by the delivery of residential areas, commercial outlets and transport system.

The Madison Square Garden

The Madison Square Garden (MSG) Sphere is a spherical shaped stadium, that is presently being constructed at The Venetian Resort at Las Vegas. Inflation has led to 9% increase of the total cost since the beginning of construction which now can be estimated as about $2.18 billion according to statistics. The project stays on schedule to complete by the end of the second half of 2024 – in spite of the cost growth.
This space will be able to accommodate 20,000 visitors, and it features 23 VIP suites and suites, which would most definitely make wonders to the state’s tourism sector profits. To produce crisp visuals that can be seen from far away, MSG Entertainment plans to put LED displays not only on the inside and outside of the sphere but also on the wrap around it. To provide guests an immersion like experience that attracts crowds from various parts of the world, we have incorporated spatial sound system and immersive 4D technology.

Al Maktoum International Airport

When the airport project is completed, Al Maktoum International airport in Dubai South willbecome the largest in the world, the urban planner and developer of Dubai, explains.

Dubai South will be globally the airport once completed and a multi-modal transport infrastructure connecting air, land and sea. In addition, massive opportunities in business-friendly free zone, it will also offer a variety of residential options” Dubai South said using Twitter.
As a $33 billion facility, the airport had a launch in October 2010 for cargo operations and in 2013 for passenger service. To be the busiest airport in the world, the agency plans to surpass the volume record of all airports by that time, at 255 million annual passengers. The first phase will have the airport be able to receive 130 million passengers per year once it is all done in 2030.
The area that will be covered by the project shall be 56 square kilometers totally. The plan to revive the project that would undoubtedly make Dubai’s economy evolve is currently being discussed. This positive trend in traffic statistics reflects the improved prospects for development of Dubai, as 66.1 million passengers were handled by Dubai International Airport during the year of 2022.

Jubail Industrial City

With its completion in 2016, Jubail Industrial City, which dates back over 30 years, is expected to be twice the size it is currently. Jubail II, would cost over $80billion for infrastructural works and this is the biggest civil engineering undertaking in the world. The formation of Jubail Industrial II City of Multibillion dollars in value will be used to advance the society and help the petrochemical industries. With approximately of 6200 hectares, project will augment the area of Jubail Industrial City .
Jubail to Dammam would be connected by a six-lane highway in the above-mentioned transportation system. This road is central to this project’s commercial area which makes it work well and quickly in every part. It is also noteworthy that numerous roads and trails have been created for the purpose of connecting the project’s smaller towns and regions. At the construction phase, the infrastructure industry jointly brought 530 miles and 60 bridges into operation.



It was first introduced as DubaiLand in October 2003 and has been known as the biggest leisure and entertainment destination in the world in some references, while the others called it as Disneyland of the Middle East.
To the east, between Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Road and the desert, lies the 78-square-mile site at a distance from Palm Jumeirah in the interior. The master plan contains 50 visitor attractions located either in 26 development projects or together. The largest of the four themes are Arabian Ranches, Dubai Sports City, Falcon City of Wonders andGolf City.
In case DubaiLand is Disneyland similar, you may not find any attractions you pre-supposed. For example in Sports City, the Formula One racing track and the various Olympic-standard stadiums will attract tourists to the area in addition to attracting property investors and those who wish to live there as well.
Nomads, investors, as well as bloggers demanded many years back that at least one memorable theme park should exists since the Dubailand project commenced, but not even after twelve years of developers promising that it will be so, none has been constructed yet.

International Space Station

The International Space Station has 109,444 square feet of surface which is equivalent to a football field and weighs about 400 tonnes. Earth is not large enough or powerful enough to build and launch a space station at once as there is no rocket that can do it. To bypass this problem, the Space Station was to lift in the orbit, 400 km above the Earth’s surface, piece by piece, and then assembled. Almost 50 launches were needed for this deployment.
The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest cooperation venture of science and technology of the world and one of the partnerships of European nations (represented by ESA), the United States (NASA), Japan (JAXA), Canada (CSA), and Russia (Roscosmos).

South-North Water Transfer Project

Gasienie: South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the largest water transfer project ever carried out is located in China. For the water-storvied north, the project purpose is to avail water from the southern rivers.
Although the process itself has just begun after 50 years of preparation work, the project itself is said to last another 40-50 years. The long- term effect of this is that 44.8 million cubic meters will direct water every year to dry northern urban centers when it is completed in 2050.

Three bypasses of water crossing the east, centre, and west, from south to north,should be built to unite upstream four Chinese main rivers, Yangtze, Yellow, Huaihe and Haihe. The projected cost of the Xiaolangdi project, including 366 kilometers long, is 25.4 billion dollars of investment in the age of the Three Gorges Dam project. It is projected that the full Xiaolangdi project will entail a $62 billion spend.

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