Infinity Power Plans Massive 4GW Renewable Energy Project in Cameroon

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Infinity Power Company Ltd which is owned by Egypt’s Infinity and the UAE’s Masdar has signed an agreement that will to extend the renewable energy capacity in Cameroon to up to 4GW by the year 2035. This large scale endeavor has evolved from a recent memorandum of understanding with the Cameroon West Regional Council to vastly develop the power provision of the region through various forms of renewable energy technology.

Renewable energy technologies

Renewable energy technologies involved in the project range from solar, wind, batteries, hydro and biomass. These are targeted at providing adequate energy for the western region of Cameroon which at the moment receives very limited power supply. Currently, the region is able to generate only 100MW to supply the need of more than two million people, an indication that there is need for massive investment in energy infrastructure. However, this initiative links well with Infinity Power’s long-term goal of establishing renewable power facilities in Africa.

Renewable Energy in Cameroon

The company has been involved in different project in the continent to harness Africa’s abundance in renewable natural resources as the basis for sustainable development and energy self reliance. As such, Infinity Power’s solution to the energy crisis in Cameroon goes hand in hand with the principle of sustainable development and the global fight against climate change.

The prospective renewable energy mix for this project will be aimed at utilizing the resources available in the region. Solar energy will be of immense use due to the high level of solar radiation in Cameroon. The wind mills will be established where wind is expected to prevail and hydro as well as biomass technologies will utilize available water and organic resources respectively. Battery storage solutions will be critical in meeting power demands while integrating renewable sources and also in regulating power of the grid.


It will also have a major socio-economic impact on the Western Region project of Cameroon. Offering a stable and clean source of energy, it will improve economic growth, upgrade the health sector. However, the development of these sources of renewable energy were also said to provide employment opportunities for the construction, as well as the operation of these facilities enhancing economic growth. Infinity Power’s ventur is another promising business undertaking that will provide one of the biggest wind power in the continent.

This company has tremendous experience and knowledge in this line of business, coupled with a strategic partnership with Masdar, the execution of this project is well within its purview. It also shows that there is nothing more potent than special partnerships when it comes to dealing with energy crisis across the world and achieving sustainable development goals. In addition, this project is responsiveness with Cameroon’s national energy policy that has the vision of enhancing the integration of renewable energy in Cameroon energy sector.


This way, Cameroon will be able to minimize its reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate the impact of climatic change by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to cleaner sources of energy.

In conclusion, Infinity Power project to generate 4,000MW of off-grid renewable power. In generating electricity requirement of 480 kWh per day, this project envisions to clean and sustainable energy through the utilization of different renewable energy technologies and contribute to the socio-economic development of the community and the planet. This example is an illustration of how renewable energy projects have the capacity to push development not only in Africa but in the whole wide world.

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