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Vantage Data Centers has announced the completion of JNB11 a hyperscale data center located in Waterfall City, Johannesburg, South Africa. The two-storey facility is one of the 3 planned facilities on a 12-hectare property in Midrand, a former municipality in central Gauteng. 

The entire development comprises a total of 60,000 square meters of data center space. It was first announced in October 2021 as the organization’s first hyper-scale data center in South Africa and Africa as a whole. Upon completion be the biggest of its kind on the African continent.

Vantage Data Centres facility features and amenities 

The data center will be a tier 3 rated facility. This means its electrical systems can be concurrently maintained and it will feature N+1 redundancy. During maintenance of the data center’s electrical systems, the data center can initiate backup infrastructure to avoid interruptions.

On cooling, according to Vantage Data Centers, its Johannesburg data center campus would employ a closed-loop chilled system that will be generated through air-cooled chillers. In case something goes wrong, the cooling systems for the campus feature N+2 redundancy, in which the cooling infrastructure will be duplicated, ensuring a complete backup system.


Vantage Data Centres promise a carrier-neutral approach when it comes to connectivity. It states that customers will have access to both dark and lit fiber. Two meet-me-rooms will be featured in every data center on the campus that has four physical entry points.

Regarding the facility’s security, there’s an on-site security center and security guards who will patrol the facility every day. Also, the facility has a K12-rated fence with dual authentication systems for customers.

Solar power deal

Roughly 33% of the campus IT capacity is expected to be supported by solar energy. To secure this power demand, Vantage Data Centers entered into a 20-year power purchase agreement with SolarAfrica.

The agreement is not only expected to enable Vantage to supplement the local grid with renewable energy but also to further drive the creation of the region’s renewable energy. This is through supporting SolarAfrica’s De Aar solar project expansion.

Project overview

Waterfall City is a mega project in Midrand municipality of South Africa, it had a reputation for simply thrilling as a midway point between Pretoria and Johannesburg. Over the years, it has experienced rapid urban development that has made it a modern hub for living and working.

Now being South Africa’s largest property development, and the largest mixed-tenure development in Africa, Waterfall city is located on 2,200-hectare land. The project brings a new era of prime real estate to the country’s economic hub, Gauteng. Without the existing constraints of infrastructure and developments, the planners and developers were presented with the chance to create a modern city from a blank slate.

Offers a distinctive opportunity for citizens to work, shop, play, and live in an ecologically sensitive secure, and easily accessible environment. Waterfall offers unsurpassed quality of life in a lively urban environment.

The mixed-tenure scheme offers the best of upscale modern life and much more. Secure retirement villages and residential estates with hospitals and private schools, along with green spaces, five-star hotels, and fitness centers making Waterfall City the future of urban living. The modern city also consists of a business hub with a range of entertainment, shopping, and dining options, including the iconic Mall of Africa.

With two of South Africa’s busiest highways intersecting on the development, about $53.5 million was spent on upgrading the roads and other infrastructure around Waterfall so as to facilitate easy access. A critical part of the process was the upgrade of the Allandale Road exit linking to the N1 freeway to offer a free-flowing intersection – the first of its kind in the continent to be constructed on such a scale.

Waterfall City comprises several notable residential estates, tailored to different lifestyles and price points.

Waterfall Equestrian Estate

Developed by Century Property Developments, the development is one of the most exclusive at Waterfall and was the pioneer project on the property. Designed for the super-wealthy, the estate comprises 120 agricultural stands ranging at 8,000m² each. It includes 12km of walking trails, a gymnasium, a pool, and a squash court, as well as a wide variety of equestrian facilities including arenas, a polo field, and stables catering for 63 horses, 10 paddocks, and scenic bridle paths on the Jukskei River.

Waterfall Country Estate & Waterfall Country Village. It’s a wonderfully crafted house set in a serene area that encourages outdoor living. The estate includes 17km walking/jogging trails and bicycle trails with parks, fishing dams as well as drinking fountains, and park benches, along the way for residents. The projects were developed by Century Property.

Allandale Building

The multi-tenanted structure developed by Attacq is the new home of multi-national companies like Wisetech Global and Schneider Electric.

Retirement villages

Waterfall city also comprises Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate and Waterfall Valley Mature Lifestyle Estate both being retirement villages for old residents.

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Nexus Waterfall City

It was constructed in a phased approach with Phase 1 with two office buildings of ±4 700 m² and 6 000 m² and the 8 500 m² hotel. The second phase incorporates two more office buildings of 5 600 m² and 6,400 m².

The Villas

One of the latest addition to Waterfall’s rental offering. It’s a residential precinct with 210 three- and four-bedroom houses ranging between 300m² and 400m².

Reddam House and Curro Waterfall.

These are the city’s two world-class educational institutions.

Mall of Africa

It is the largest mall in Africa developed in a single phase. Developed by Attacq, it comprises over 300 shops, with local and international flagship stores. The mall also contains regular art and antique exhibitions, more than 25 restaurants, and movie theatres. Upon completion, Waterfall will be one of the largest office nodes in South Africa.

The PWC Tower

This is a modern office space located in the newly constructed Waterfall City, Midrand.


This is a future project set be a built-to-spec, client-driven feature P-Grade office structure situated on a prominent corner site in Waterfall City.

Reported earlier 

June 2008

Attacq acquired Waterfall development rights.

Aug 2014

Waterfall Development Secures Different Projects in South Africa

Waterfall Development has secured development projects valued at over US $0.66bn making it one of the fastest mixed-use developments in Gauteng, South Africa.

Capital growth property fund Attacq, who is widely involved in the development project noted that the project is already bringing about positive results, and there is an expectation of the year being eventful given that some of the major developments under the property fund are completed.

The waterfall development is located between Northern Sandton and Midrand on 340 ha of land. It boasts of 1.753million square meters of bulk. Currently, more than 175 000sqm of the project has been developed.

Attacq Waterfall Investment Company holds 81.2 percent of development rights to the project while Atterbury Property Holdings, who are the development partners have the remaining 18.8 percent.

At the heart of Waterfall City is the US 0.39bn Mall of Africa expected to be officially opened to the public in April 2016.

Morne Wilkenthe, CEO of Attacq noted that the construction of the mall is going on well, and over 1 100 000m of material have been removed from the site. In addition, 50,000m3 of concrete has been spread, making the structure visible from the highway.

The waterfall corner and lifestyle are now open for business and have gotten great tenants such as Woolworths, Virgin Active, clicks, and Trendy restaurants.

Attacq is expected to open its first 149-room City Lodge Hotel in Waterfall City in December 2014. The 3-star hotel, which has five floors, is expected to have a value of US 9.901m upon completion.

Another major Waterfall development to be secured within Waterfall City will be the Swiss Pharmaceutical Giant, Novartis, which will be 7 000sqm with an expected completion value of US $17.16m.

Oct 2014

New Waterfall City in South Africa could become the new central business district for Gauteng

Waterfall City SA
Waterfall City, SA will house the Mall of Africa and headquarters for prominent companies such as PwC and Group Five

The new Waterfall City could become the new central business district (CBD) of Gauteng due to the numerous planned developments undertaken or being undertaken, all amounting to USD $0.401bn. This is according to the CEO of Attacq Property Developer, Morne Wilken.

The Waterfall City, a 323-hectare development sandwiched between Midrand and Sandton entails 1.7 million square meters of approved development bulk and already, and construction on 162 269 square meters is already complete. 199 016m2 is still under construction at the moment with another 1.7million m2 still available for mixed-use, and Attacq is planning an expansion of the development.

The main anchor of Waterfall City development will be a 120 000m2 Mall of Africa is due for completion in early 2016. The new Mall of Africa under construction will span 130 000 square meters and become the largest single-phase super-regional mall to open its doors.

The Waterfall City development has also attracted various companies such as PwC, who have decided to move to a 40 000m2 a25 stories building as their headquarters.

The other landmarks are operational office spaces. It hosts the head office of a construction company, Group Five. It also hosts distribution centers for MBT Technologies, Cell C’s Campus, Waterfall Corner, and two buildings within the Maxwell Office Park. These have all been completed.

76 percent of space at the Mall of Africa will be rented out to tenants including retail clothing outlets H&M, Zara, River Island, and Forever 21.

The location of the Waterfall City is just right, given that people going to the new city will have access to the N1 highway. This development would give Attacq company a huge competitive edge and potential development profits amounting to USD $0.311bn.

Wilken has also noted that his company has plans to develop more infrastructures in the new city to expand its portfolio.

In line with its increased property portfolio, Attacq posted a 55.4% jump in net rental income to R646 million and a 99.3% increase in operating profit to R507.2-million for the year under review.

South Africa is also set to get the Modderfontein new “city of the future” in the East of Johannesburg, which will be built on the need to access information technology & integrated public transport.


Construction of PWC Tower started and was complete in 2018.

Jan 2015

Atterbury to develop a new PwC head office in the first high-rise for Waterfall City

ATT WaterfalCity PwC Aerial

Atterbury Property has confirmed it will develop the new head office of PwC at Waterfall City, Midrand, which will be an iconic 26-storey building and the first high-rise within the booming precinct.

This follows the signing of a lease agreement between PwC and Attacq on 15 January 2015 confirming the development of new headquarters for the leading accounting and professional services firm at Waterfall City.

The R1.5 billion high-rise building, comprising 40,000sqm of modern offices, is designed to house 3,500 PwC employees in an efficient, optimally designed workplace.

It will be developed in a prime location overlooking the Waterfall City Park and 127,000sqm Mall of Africa super-regional shopping center, which is under development and set to open in 2016.

Attacq Waterfall Investment Company (AWIC) holds the development rights to the prestigious Waterfall City and is 100% owned by JSE-listed Attacq. Atterbury Property Developments is responsible for coordinating this commercial real estate project for and on behalf of AWIC.

Atterbury Property’s Director of Commercial Development, Jeanne Jordaan, comments: “We are proud to work with PwC as the developer of its new head office which is set to become a landmark building for South African business in Attacq’s pioneering Waterfall City.”

Earthworks for the new PwC building have already commenced and construction will begin in the first quarter of 2015. The project is expected to take 36 months and is scheduled for completion at the beginning of 2018.

The PwC Tower is designed by LYT Architecture and will be constructed in phases due to the unique twist design of the structure. It gently twists through in its height to frame the grand urban park which forms the green heart of Waterfall City. The building is also is designed to conform to the internationally recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver standard.

Guy Steenekamp, a director at LYT Architecture comments: “The brief for the PwC Tower at Waterfall City called for an iconic building form that would be unique to the development and which would mark the property as a new top tier destination for business.

Given the height of the building and that it is situated on a high point in Waterfall City, it will easily be the tallest structure in the corridor between the Sandton CBD and the Pretoria/Tshwane CBD. The PwC Tower will be visible from almost anywhere within a 30km radius.”

Adding to the tower’s uniqueness is its positioning adjacent to the Waterfall City Park, which is set to be a lush and vibrant public green space in the tradition of world-class cities across the globe.

Jordaan explains: “It has been proved that responsive and meaningful open spaces improve quality of life and adjoining property values. The Waterfall City Park has been designed around these principles.”

Waterfall City Park will span 1.3ha of beautiful green parkland and a link to Mall of Africa at its Town Square. Waterfall City Park is positioned atop five levels of super-basement, which are already under construction, and encircled by the bustling Waterfall City, with its mixed-use development including offices, as well as the mall itself.

“The park grounds are in the perfect position to provide well-designed social and recreation amenities in the heart of this modern hub – for city dwellers, office workers, residents, and visitors alike.”

The attractive gardens provide a playground for a multitude of outdoor activities and recreation options and also include an intimate amphitheater with an interactive fountain and stage area,” adds Jordaan.

Waterfall City is South Africa’s largest urban concept development, designed to provide everything expected of a world-class modern city, with all the conveniences of a leading-quality urban environment. It is strategically located between Midrand and Sandton, spanning land on both sides of the N1 highway from the Woodmead to Allandale interchanges.

In addition to PwC, the burgeoning Waterfall City continues to attract leading businesses including Servest and Colgate Palmolive, Cell C, Group 5, Altech, Digistics, Massbuild, Cipla, Golder & Associates, MB Technologies, Virgin Active, Premier Foods, Dräger S.A, Westcon Group, Novartis, Covidien, Cummins, and Honda Motor SA.

Atterbury has offices at Waterfall City and Attacq’s head office is also based there. Waterfall also features a Netcare Hospital.

March 2015

Waterfall city to host Hilti, Styker, and Schneider Electric headquarters

Atterbury Property Development together with Attacq Waterfall Investment Company will now undertake the development of top-notch premises for three companies, on their recent development, Waterfall City.  Hilti, Stryker, and Schneider Electric will join a number of businesses already at the new development including PwC, Group 5, and Massbuild.

Hilti is European-based and provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. Its South Africa headquarters will now be based in Waterfall City, Waterfall Logistics Precinct.

Hilti’s tailor-made facility, which is expected to start operations in 2015 October, will have offices and a warehouse and features an ultra-modern design evocative of prime office structures. Hilti product end-users will also have a training space.

Stryker, a US-based Fortune 500 firm and market leader in the rapidly growing orthopedic implant and equipment market will get new offices and warehouse building – it will be visible from Bridal Vale Road. The waterfall is constructing a new bridge over the N1 highway. The company wants to start using the office in October 2015.

Schneider Electric, an energy management firm, will have a new 4,265sqm building and the company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability will be reflected in the new green office building. Construction of this office is scheduled to start on 1 April 2015 and they plan on using the office by end of 2016.

Atterbury Property Development together with Attacq Waterfall Investment Company is also developing an iconic new 131,000 m² super-regional shopping center, Mall of Africa that will start operation in 2016.

April 2016

Mall of Africa opened as the largest single-phase mall development in Africa. Allandale Building construction ended in August.

Nov 2017

Cummins Southern Africa moves to new regional offices in Waterfall City

Cummins, the global leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and servicing of power generation systems broke ground at their new construction site situated in the heart of Waterfall’s Logistics Precinct.

The sod-turning ceremony marks the official start of construction for Cummins Southern Africa Regional Offices (CSARO). The 15 000 m² facility comprises of a service center, engine rebuild center, warehouse with specialist installations, and office space and will be completed in October 2018.

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The building will allow Cummins to consolidate its operations in the region by bringing its Master Rebuild Centre, Gauteng Operations Workshop, and Southern Africa Technical Training Centre all under one roof.

The new facility

“This new facility will help bolster our operations in Southern Africa through the greater overall efficiency that comes from combining multiple activities under one roof.  Furthermore, the benefit of having our office and servicing centers in the same location streamlines operations, enabling us to deliver even better on our promise of excellent customer service and support,” said Thierry Pimi, MD of Cummins Southern Africa.

Waterfall’s Logistics Precinct, visible from the N1 and Allandale interchange, provides state-of-the-art warehouses, distribution centers, and offices. The campus’ strategic location provides unparalleled ease of access to national logistics routes and transit infrastructure.

“We are excited about embarking on this journey with Cummins and believe that, once complete in November 2018, the Cummins Southern Africa building will be a pioneering development within our logistics hub.  We welcome Cummins and are thrilled they chose a home with us,” said Pete Mackenzie, Head of Development at Attacq.

Feb 2018

Construction of Accenture offices in South Africa begins

Construction of Accenture’s new Southern Africa offices has kicked off. This initiative is part of its expansion strategy in Africa.

Accenture will be relocating from its current offices in Woodmead to a new 3 875 m² facility, in Waterfall City. In the new building, Accenture has endorsed the application of the very best in sustainability and urban design principles, adapted and attuned to the ‘changing needs of a continent on the move.’

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“Waterfall is increasingly becoming the hub of consulting and professional firms in Gauteng. As we continue to grow and develop the Waterfall precinct, it is heartening to see that such top-caliber companies share and endorse our vision. We are on an ambitious and industry-leading journey of informed urban evolution and it is exciting to see how many high-profile organizations are eager to be part of it,” Attacq interim CEO Melt Hamman said.

The commercial developers- Attacq partnered with accomplished property developers Zenprop to bring the innovative new Accenture office to Waterfall.

Waterfall City is South Africa’s largest urban concept development designed to provide everything expected of a world-class, modern city. Accenture’s commitment to technological advancement and innovation as driving tools for growth and development mirrors Attacq’s own commitment to leveraging technology to usher in a new era of modern African cities.

About Zenprop

Zenprop is one of the largest property investment and development companies in South Africa. Founded in 1998, it has a track record for excellence and has earned the reputation of ‘best-of-breed’ developer from its industry peers. Its property portfolio comprises a formidable mix of prime core investments – retail, offices, industrial and warehousing, and hospitality.

Jun 2018

Construction of the Waterfall City in South Africa ongoing

Construction of the Waterfall City in South Africa ongoing

The construction of the Waterfall City in South Africa is currently ongoing with the development of new infrastructure including roads, residential properties, and warehouses continuously in the pipeline.

Confirming the reports was head of development, Giles Pendleton who said that the last quarter had been robust and that the company received a number of corporate inquiries ranging from tenants wanting between 3 000 m2 and 50 000 m2 of letting space.

“We are also leveraging off the continued expansion of the residential sector of Waterfall City between property developers Baldwin and Century, which are continuing to build and develop the area,” he said.

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Remarkable current developments

Remarkable current developments at Waterfall City included the 42 000 m2 Deloitte head office development that will open in April 2020 and accommodate 3 500 staff members.

Giles Pendleton further pointed out that they are planning to break ground in a few weeks’ time on a development called The Ingress, which is owned by a private company, and are looking to launch the first residential product in the fourth quarter.

Acting Attacq CEO Melt Hamman noted that Cummins is building its distribution center at the moment on the eastern side of Waterfall City, which is due for completion at the end of this year. He said that corporate and blue-chip companies alike want to move to Waterfall City mainly due to its location since it is easily accessible from the N1 using Allendale road and it’s a secure environment.

Premier property company

Meanwhile, Attacq got listed on the JSE as a real estate investment trust (Reit) at the beginning of June. They have a vision of becoming a premier property company, delivering exceptional and sustainable growth through real estate investments and developments.

Oct 2018

South Africa to launch first high-rise luxury apartments in Waterfall city

South Africa to launch first high rise luxury apartments in Waterfall city

South Africa’s Waterfall city is set to launch its first high-rise luxury apartment dubbed Ellipse Waterfall in Gauteng estimated to cost the whopping US $83m.

According to Attacq, the leading Waterfall city constructing company’s chief executive, Tim Kloeck who has partnered with Tricolt, a property development company to develop the apartment, the Ellipse Waterfall will comprise 590 apartments that will stand on four towers, namely Newton, Kepler, Da Vinci, and Galileo towers.

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The Waterfall development

The Waterfall development sits on 2 200 hectares of land and will comprise 18,500 units in the residential area. Phase one of construction will be completed in 18 months and will commence once 70% of the apartments are pre-sold. The apartment will also feature 980 parking bays that will be fitted in two underground basements that will also be constructed.

A one-bedroomed apartment sitting at 44m² will cost US $104,000 while a duplex penthouse with a rooftop terrace and pool sitting at 327m² will cost US $834,000.Giles Pendleton, the head of developments at Attacq, said that the Waterfall city will have a 57,000 nighttime population and a 70,000 daytime population from its residents in the different residential units.

The development will have amenities such as a lap pool, leisure pool, gas braai facilities, a 1 km fitness track with pull-up bars, and different types of outdoor exercise machinery. Kloeck further added that Ellipse Waterfall residents of all ages will have access to an exclusive multi-concept lifestyle destination called. The Luna Club is fitted with a gymnasium, spa, and sauna facilities, a business center with a boardroom and conference facility, lounge and bar area, coffee bar, and a children’s playroom.

Aug 2019

Phase one of the high-rise residential precinct in Waterfall City South Africa launched

Phase one of high-rise residential precinct in Waterfall City South Africa launched

Phase one of the high-rise residential precinct in Waterfall City, South Africa has been launched. Residential property developer Tricolt and JSE-listed real estate investment trust Attacq cut the sod for the development.

Estimated to cost US $83m, phase I of the project dubbed the Ellipse Waterfall will comprise of 590 apartments that will stand on four towers, namely Newton, Kepler, Da Vinci, and Galileo towers. Construction will also feature 980 parking bays that will be fitted in two underground basements that will also be constructed. Construction will be completed in 18 months

The Waterfall development

The Waterfall development sits on 2 200 hectares of land and will comprise 18,500 units in the residential area. The precinct is within walking distance of the Netcare Waterfall City Hospital and the Mall of Africa. A one-bedroomed apartment sitting at 44m² will cost US $104,000 while a duplex penthouse with a rooftop terrace and pool sitting at 327m² will cost US $834,000.

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Giles Pendleton, the head of developments at Attacq, said that the Waterfall city will have a 57,000 nighttime population and a 70,000 daytime population from its residents in the different residential units. The development will also have amenities such as a lap pool, leisure pool, gas braai facilities, a 1km fitness track with pull-up bars, and different types of outdoor exercise machinery.

Kloeck further added that Ellipse Waterfall residents of all ages will have access to an exclusive multi-concept lifestyle destination called ‘The Luna Club’ that is fitted with a gymnasium, spa and sauna facilities, a business center with a boardroom and conference facility, lounge, and bar area, coffee bar and a children’s playroom.

Waterfall’s design

The luxury towers were designed in elliptical shapes, hence the name of the precinct, and the first two towers, called Newton and Kepler, are 10 and 11 stories high, respectively. The towers will be completed during the first half of 2021.

Tricolt CEO Tim Kloeck pointed out that 80% of the 272 apartments in the two towers have already been sold. Phase two of the development will involve the construction of the flagship 16-storey Cassini tower. It will be completed about nine months after the completion of the first phase. The third phase of the project will entail the construction of the 12-storey Galileo tower and will be completed nine months after Cassini.


Nexus Waterfall City was proposed to have completed in January.


The Waterfall City expansion project has commenced construction on another 47 000 square meters of approved area.

Sep 2021

Johannesburg’s Waterfall City Expansion

The Waterfall City expansion project has commenced construction on another 47 000 square meters of approved area.

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Waterfall City, a Midrand development, has its own heliport, eight schools, a private hospital, and hundreds of homes near big corporations. The property group Attacq, on the other hand, has even loftier goals, with a total of 50 000 square meters of future building authorized.

The company claims to be profiting from a “flight” to premium offices. Therefore, this new Waterfall City expansion project will have a significant office component.

While other real estate companies are deferring projects because of the pandemic, Attacq is adhering to its original plans to develop Midrand’s Waterfall City into a “world-class area.”

Waterfall City has already begun construction on 38 000 square meters, and another 50 000 square meters have been approved and are ready for construction.

This is in addition to the 22 000m2 of residential, office, and warehouse space built by Attacq during the fiscal year ended June 30.

Waterfall City is a 2,200-hectare development area that includes developments constructed by developers other than Attacq. Waterfall City added 33 000m2 of rental space in the fiscal year ending in June, including those buildings.

The total market value of all completed buildings is presently estimated to be between R50 billion and R60 billion.

The region already has its own heliport, eight schools, a private hospital, and thousands of residential residences near-global behemoths such as Deloitte and Novartis and malls such as the Mall of Africa and Waterfall Corner.

“Our focus is to think differently about real estate through quality-focused hubs,” said Attacq CEO Jackie van Niekerk. “The Waterfall precinct has an incredibly important part on the story and the future of Attacq.”

Previously, Attacq focused on four businesses: the Waterfall projects, the balance of its South African portfolio, its retail holdings in the rest of Africa, and its European stake in MAS Real Estate Inc.

It has now decided to focus on Waterfall City and other South African assets, which make up a far smaller percentage of its portfolio.